World of Warships – High Noon

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Intense game in the on Sleeping Giant, kinda crazy how the game progresses. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Des Moines Replay – Discord Server


  1. Notzer, it’s not Des Moins It’s des memes

  2. Harekaze using C hull, I’ll say he deserved it 🙂

  3. Omg this scroll zooming, i’m sorry Notser I will listen to your voice, but I can’t watch this. This is pure cancer.

  4. there was a point where he should have pushed at the end around the island at full speed, the dd wasnt in any position to send torps and he would have killed him faster anyway

  5. Where is my Pan European tech tree

  6. Yea this is Wg games. Some …up rng ruins a very good game.

  7. Diode Milliampere


  8. poor play at the end. Should have just charged the DD. He would get 2 salvos out before enemy DD torps reach him…

  9. That Minotaur played that really badly.

    Angle, then get up to his flank and launch torpedoes. Easy as that.

    • des ap can pen and cit at steep angles especially vs rn cas, the proper action should have been retreat rather than sit in the same spot that he was getting hit in. baisically torp then retreat either to the cap or bottom of the cap.

    • It’s not really about pen damage, it’s about avoiding citadels. At most, the Des Moines could’ve done a few thousand damage per salvo, but it’s something the Minotaur can take.

      Retreating would’ve been the most logical option, yes. But another viable option was to charge and take out a top Tier radar cruiser.

    • thats suicide tho, if it were any other des than this guy they wouldnt have survived the first radar, taking out the des there isnt the minos role

    • Valid point.

  10. I kept spinning my mouse wheel attempting to zoom back out lol

  11. Honestly, I didn’t see the guy do anything that great. Despite his cockiness, he really just got lucky with easy prey falling into his lap. He should have been killed twice by torpedoes at B, he wasted 2 of his radars by firing them off without anything to shot, and his scroll zooming contributed to him losing SA several times.

    • Al FromAus I scroll zoom a lot. And I keep my situational awareness by right clicking right after I fire, which is a trick I carried over from WoT (You lock your guns’ position while you look around). I have to admit it is rather cumbersome to ctrl-click planes, and I am having a hard time getting rid of this habit but it works nonetheless

    • Nicholas Lau if it works for you great! You may find using shift to zoom would help even more. Try it for a while 🙂

    • Al FromAus I know shift zooming is a thing. I know that it is probably much better than what I am doing, but I just can’t change my habits easily, if you know what I mean.

    • Yes, I get you. I know my own habits are hard to shift!

    • Al FromAus hard to shift 😉

  12. darksideoftheanime

    Alright, we’ll call it a draw

  13. He should have charged
    There was nothing the dd could have done

  14. Wow why he’s secondaries were turned OFF?

  15. something in current year

    Great ship, nice commentary, terrible player.

  16. Please let the person who sent the replay in know, that pressing shift controls the level of zoom. Thanks

  17. Great game, but no results screen? Also, good player but bad sport. Skilled players don’t have to brag and taunt. I usually love your stuff, Notser, but not this one.

  18. Fact: Des Moines is the Ultimate Cleveland.

  19. Sorry Notser but you aren’t a “noob” compared to Halycon. He gave us a nice replay and it was entertaining for sure but your overall situational/minimap awareness is at a whole ‘nother level. He got super lucky ignoring the Pan-Asian at the end while firing at the Conqueror. He’s also an over-reverser which cost him a torp hit, lost time jacking with the Minotaur and a radar charge iirc. He did a great job in so many ways, just displayed a couple of small habits in this game that stood out compared to ‘Notser play.’ …oh yes, in hindsight, he should have moved forward at the end. The island was projecting well in front of him, but hey, street cred to the dude!

  20. P.S. Halycon, buddy, scroll zooming is tier 3, bro. I’m not sure but it might have cost you that last shot. Thanks for the video though!

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