World of Warships || High Risk & IJN Moments

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From killing a with a single turret, to some staggering , how did I end up here?
Side Note: As various footage showed me in different clans, I am currently in a clan called . (Children Unleashing Torpedoes Excitedly) Not all footage here is current. Some were from as old as CBT, and up to today!
Various people featured in the video:
SharonRoseMotorrad (Mentioned)
CUTE Members
Tier 10 Players with SE skills
And anyone else I forgot to mention.
Bullet Girls BGM – バトル5
Flowering Night
Kevin MacLeod – Monkeys Spinning Monkeys
Newground – Battleships
みなも – 全艦娘、突撃!
King Kong D Jungle_Girls – BOOM BOOM DOLLAR
F-777 – Ludicrous Speed


  1. Frist
    Why my 3rd shipfu at 2:21

  2. Second

  3. 2 Comments 3 Likes… No view good one YT

  4. Where is Jim Carry when you need him as Battleship players continue to sail in strait lines.

  5. Debating on making a video montage of a certain warship that I have performed well (and it can be very amusing) with. Currently, I have enough footage for a few minutes, but I can go ahead in game and record more. What do you guys think? 🙂 Also, what was your favorite part? Feel free to leave it here or in the comments! 😀


    I will see myself out Fury. 😉

    And btw, can someone explain what is the deal about the whole “survivability expert” thingy. I didn’t use it in pretty much all of the ships I have. 😉

  7. NotGreatAtGaming

    lol i thought that was you in the beginning.i was getting ready to roast you

  8. Hey fury i about to start wows account any tip? Like which nation should i play?

    • Personally, I would try out each class and see what you think! Each nation has its own charms and unique features! I would suggest reading further from Community Contributors and other informative channels! Also, since you brought up you are going to be a new wows player, you could use my invite code to get some nice ships and a good head start when you reach Tier 6! :)

    • I personally recommend US and IJN CA. Easy to learn and other thing.

      Don’t touch CV unless you have read guides or know what it is because it’s completely different gameplay.

  9. 5:05 Deja vu???!!!

  10. Is survivability expert the one that gives u like 300 or 500 extra hp bonus points? Any way i still need to get my fatpürpür captain for then once i get enouf free xp, buy musashi and use it on it :3

    • it gives you 350+ per tier. It stacks up depending upon what tier your ship is (ex: Tier 10 will have more extra hp points if you have SE on it) but putting it on a BB is why.. CAs questionable…

  11. xXAngel_With_A_Shotgun Xx

    I can’t say much, I run SE on my DM. Then again she is much squishier then a Moskva or GK so *shrugs*

  12. Fury face reveal? But like thot part

  13. Survibility expert just give you extra Health right?

  14. PilotDudes - World of Tanks

    5:30 Well That Scharnhorst ……. *Facepalm*

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