World of Warships – High School Fleet

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  1. That kitten is sooooooo threatening

  2. The weeb…they are coming.

  3. Can the cat be the commander?

    • Sebastian-Richard Toth


      pls <3

    • Minegamer

      probrally, if not in a mod pack for sure ?

    • Actually. The cat was available as a commander (not sure if it was on the asian server only) it was a prize on the Mikasa mission where you’d get the cat (6pt commander complete with his own voice. Yes voice) somewhere along the but mikasa is the final prize in the mission. This cat is the current captain of my myoko as you can assign HSF commanders to IJN ships also.

    • The cat’s name is Isoroku BTW.. After Isoroku Yamamoto, the same captain prize for the campaign of the same name.

    • poiXquared

      The cat was one of my charakters in HSF :3

  4. Why oh why

  5. seriously ?? WHY ?

  6. I am a simple man, i see anime, i click and like

  7. Wargaming was low on money, so they relised the ultimate moneymaker weapon!

  8. Fear the kitten ship

  9. You people ask why, I say why not.


    yeah i’m weeb

  11. did not know little girls where into warships…. but that would explain so much of the…. “tacticly unsound” gameplay i witness on a regular basis….

  12. Ah look at all my the salty crybabies, brings a tear to my eye

  13. Oh wao. Still no anime voices.

  14. I never knew I needed sick drawings in my ships, until now.

    Thanks WG!

  15. What next ?
    Girls und Panzer?

  16. Oooohh! Kitty!

  17. Is this like girls und schiff? What next, girls und Luftwaffe?

  18. here come the tears of the ” non-weeb humans ” .. pffff hahahaha

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