World of Warships – Hillbilly Boy

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“You hear me, hillbilly boy? I ain’t through wit’ you, not by a long shot!” – Mr Marcellus, Pulp Fiction, 1994

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  1. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    “the training wheels come off”

    more like the training wheels get chained to the ground, their bolts cut halfway through and you’re told they’ll just fall off once you go up that hill fast enough…

  2. I have found the secret to countering German dispersion. Putting hillbilly in your name! Everyone knows hillbillys produced the most accurate naval guns in history. Putting hillbilly in your name gives you an instant buff on accuracy and +10% chances of citadels on CVs! My sources for this info?!! Just trust me, I am a genius!

  3. I remember seeing Plup Fiction in the theatre, when it came out, it was a blast.

  4. The only reason that ships gave broadsides in WWII was that it allowed the guns to get a stable range bearing. The last thing a gun officer wants to hear is that the range that he gave to the gunners is now invalid because the ship changed course and speed.

    Of course that doesn’t matter in WoWS, where aiming is almost as easy as in WoT.

    Edit: ARP Hiei is the Arpeggio Blue Steel version of the Hiei, pronounced Hee-Ey. The ship is named after Hiei Mountain near Kyoto, Japan

    • A couple other reasons. Scoring the first hit and disrupting the enemy ship is far more important than the risk of armor penetration. WOWS simply doesn’t model the chaos that occurs when your ship takes a hit. I believe there was a US battleship that had unprotected power lines on the deck, an early hit severed them and took the ship out of the fight.

      The Iowa class battleships, pegasus others too, were designed to only fire broadsides. Firing in the frontal arc would cause damage to itself

  5. Never drink yellow snow???

    Actually Jingles, it’s “Never EAT yellow snow!”

    Btw, happy birthday you old Gnomey fraud!

  6. Robert Steinbeiss

    Nice seeing the old men getting the wise mens talk.

  7. Switching the paddle for the bottle on special occasions.

  8. People calm down! Wargaming is aware of this video and are looking at how an aircraft carrier could be citadeled twice in a game and will be sending out a hotfix soon!

    edit: we first see that Bourrasque on the rocks there at 5:13, it doesn’t get destroyed until 10:07 so it’s not just the enemy team that is having difficulties.

  9. “he’ll soon be coming into range”
    Me, who’s looking at the guys spotter plane…waiting for him to actually use it…

  10. Another good thing about T5 is you get to see Two Brothers map (my favorite). In other news it seems like the co-op bots are smarter lately; they’re using more coordinated tactics, getting stuck on islands less, and they love to ram now. They woke me up with a couple of lost matches before I figured out what was going on.

  11. I don’t know what I expected of you, Jingles, but a Pulp Fiction reference would have been FAR down the list…

  12. I believe it’s “HEE-EH-e”, and Happy Birthday Jingles! Many happy returns of the day!

  13. And yall actually expect correct pronunciation from jingles?!?!?

  14. 16:10 That wasn’t due to “typical dispersion” Jingles, that Konig turned early enough that the spread would have been better if it had more typical dispersion.
    Back to the salt mines I go to up our production with a new mining method.

  15. @Colonel Overkill Of course, especially for Japanese destroyers like the Hiei

  16. @Matt le perdu Or the torpedo boat Ryuujou.

  17. Glad to see you survived the ” snake venom” are you sure Eddie actually likes you? LOL Happy birthday and I hope it’s a lot better year for you.

  18. Congrats to this guy for a great game, but I’m not gonna lie his inability to turn his ship and rotate his guns to get better angles and positioning was driving me nuts.

  19. The Rhien is easy to citadel,
    It’s the rest of them, ricochets at flat broadside, the Langley and konsomolets that are merchant merchant hulls bouncing ap shells they are worse.
    The only wierd thing is the deck, plummeting shots bounce off the decks, most if not all being wood.

  20. I know this explanations are really needed in low tiers, but yesterday I played a tier 8 match and people didn’t know what broadside means. After I told a friendly Hipper to not “give broadside” to half the enemy team, another player asked what that means.
    Sometimes the quality of the players can be really frustrating.

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