World of Warships – Hindenburg 300 K DMG CARRY

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  1. LOL That is not 300k. 299k.

  2. Sigh,can’t get used to Hindenburg’s concealment and firing range since unlocked Zao,but I am still proud to have it as my first T10 ship,once a Moskva gloated me”Strong AP huh?”Then I replied”Show me your boardside lol,trash soviet armor”I devastating strike you already before you manage to citadel me to death

  3. Best Hind game ever.No kiting bs, he pushed and he capped everything too.WP

  4. if you want a very common example of “Tier 10 Human SHIT” then there it is, the minotaur. I mean even a bot doesnt rush like that. in coop, the bot minotaur doesnt easily show broadside :/

  5. This player have a steel eggs. 13:37

  6. This was all ship and not the player.

  7. I love my Hindi!

  8. Well played Hindenburg

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