World of Warships – Hindenburg – German Engineering!

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__ENEMY__ sends in a Hindenburg replay where he achieves solid results in what I think is the second best tier 10 cruiser in the game. __ENEMY__ (this name really messed with me while I was recording the video) uses the many strengths of the Hindenburg to come out on top of this battle, although it does get really close at the end. Anyways, here’s the battle and enjoy!

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  1. So confusing > ENEMY ENEMY ENEMY

  2. Not German engineering. Russian coding. These ships are not real. Only
    thing that’s German is the name and historical association with Nazi

  3. The enemy of my *_ENEMY_* is MY enemy

  4. Great info. Keep them coming.

  5. when will we ever get a Zao review?

  6. Kuu Hanekawa (羽川空)

    Great video and a well-played captain.
    Yet chase I will like to be the buzz killer and point out that I would not
    say coming back to base is a risky or best choice.
    Apparently what decided the result of battle is how quickly Zao kills his
    teammate Kutuzov, which Zao did while there was 1:09 left, leaving the
    points 487:454 and a almost half-capped base.
    That is to say, Shimakaze was not able to finish the cap. (Which needs 180s
    for 1 ship, half-capped means 90s)
    For standard mode that’s 2 points per 5 seconds, and for 1:09 ( nearly 70s
    ) that’s 28 points, plus 454 equals to 482, leaving red team to lose for
    sure. So the best play should be retreat and hide instead of looking for
    Shimakaze. Since the only part things could go south is either Hindenburg
    got sunk by Shimakaze via any means, or simply Shimakaze destroyed Benson

  7. Thanks for the video chase

  8. you know this match… if I were listening to you only, I don’t have a clue
    if you’re talking about Enemy’s team or the enemy of Enemy’s team lol

  9. Are there sound effects differentiating between an over penetration and a
    non penetration? If so what are they? If not, there should be!

    In lower tiers and with my Battleships I am having a hard time getting good
    AP damage on ships, mainly with the Battleships I just feel like my shells
    never hit and when they do its not a lot of damage on a broadside shot
    meanwhile I get consistent hits with my Cruisers and decent AP against
    other cruisers.

    It could just be my aim but since I often hit with my other ship classes I
    think I just have bad luck cause in a fully aimed salvo 1-3 shells hit for
    1000-3000 damage while the rest land on either side of the ship.

  10. The question is always: whats the second best cruiser?

  11. If WG gives Des Moines/Baltimore their proper 160mm turret/barbet faces the
    ships would be much more competitive; they are small battleships afterall.

  12. are you going to be at pax east?

  13. Ohhhh… his name is enemy. XD

  14. GG *_ENEMY_*

  15. There is no such thing as a “best” cruiser or ship, it’s the person playing
    it that matters

  16. I Love Purple Hazmats

    Solid clip Chase >;)

  17. Enemy’s team should have lost the battle, and would have if Enemy hadn’t
    carried so hard. Great game. Thank you.

  18. Hiding underwater!!! How dishonourable!!!

  19. Gareth Fairclough

    Hindenborg? Yes, resistance is futile.

  20. stop confusing me, chase. enemy? ally? green team? red team? who? what?

  21. Nice video. Some echo on the commentary audio.

  22. Klemerson R. Silva

    Excelente player, team shit!

  23. naaa des Moines mate

  24. Is it bad that whenever I see this ship, I start talking like the Medic
    from TF2?

  25. spotted by shima and smoke – arrggghhhh

  26. iChase, you really like the phrase ‘under water’.. Funny because Jingles
    uses the phrase ‘be a paddling’ …

  27. IJM Ships master race

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  29. General Saufenberg

    Hindenburg is the real King of the North ;-)

  30. Because you see tovarish, Москва is a great ship. It is named after the
    most GLORIOUS city in the whole world. It is made of reinforced composite
    stalinium-leninium. It’s furnaces are fuelled by the sins of political
    dissidents, and Its shells bring the fury of Joseph Stalin himself, guiding
    them with his shrivelled hand from hell. That is why, tovarish Москва will
    be the greatest cruiser in the game!

  31. So you have told us what the enemy has been doing all game, but what about
    the friendly hindenburg?? Kappa

  32. Hindenburg has Russian arcs? I think it would be better to say the Russians
    get German arcs. Since the Germans were here first…

  33. well at least u didn’t call him Enema :p

  34. Very awesome replay. But personally I prefer the range upgrade over rate of
    fire. I switched it out recently and have way better results with 21km
    range and turret traverse than with 18km rapid fire guns. Just because they
    cna turn faster and are more accurate. And I switched to defensive fire
    because when you are facing a carrier…as the hard turning Hindennburg you
    need that or you are dead. When you know where the DDs are, you cna evade
    torps. The Hind is just not a DD hunting cruiser because of turning radius.

  35. I think the kolberg is the best…..

  36. odin sekkingstad håbrekke

    Play the tire 5 ussr crusier

  37. And that confusion when you see that result screen was in polish.

  38. 9:04 I feel like *_ENEMY_*’s move to show the broadside to the North
    Carolina was justified: it was either show a North Carolina your broadside,
    or 2 Amagis, a Yamato, and a Baltimore your broadside, so it was either 1
    ship getting his braodside or 4 ships getting it, and we all know what
    happens when we show 4 ships our broadside.

  39. was hindeburg a cruiser that was in germany’s Plan Z, which never
    materialised because of the war?

  40. Wait…who was enemy and who was the enemy?

  41. Joe Dessert (Dezertay)

    Ships are solid

  42. Happy Easter, iChase. I do celebrate it, thanks.

  43. So confused when you narrated what “_ENEMY_” (enemy) was doing =)

  44. do you use a UI mod?

  45. I agree, the Hindenburg might have superior AP and AA to the Zao, but as
    soon as the Zao decided to angle against him and shoot (only 1 salvo!)
    ENEMY had to turn away and run, cause his AP did like 0-500 damage per

    The Zao is just so much easier to play because with all other cruisers you
    always have to plan ahead considering penetration, arc, range and so on,
    but with the Zao? Do you have any doubts? Use HE for 9k dmg + 2 fires on

  46. I needed this

  47. Fun fact about the hindenburg. This is actually the prinz eugen modeled
    with 12 guns and a few other changes.

  48. i really hope they re-work the Des Moines. anything after the Pensacola is
    a nightmare

  49. I think you should have called him Eric, give your tongue a peace of mind

  50. Watching commentary on this game like this just reminds one of how broken
    some of the things about this game are. This being the only WG game I have
    played, I find some of their choices and setup abrasive and off putting.
    Which has ended up with not having spent any money in their environment.

  51. i think the moskva is 4th because its arcs are very low whick is bad for AP
    shell at 14-19km and its dispersion is not that impressive as the
    hindenburg or zao but the des moines makes up for that with high rounds per
    min. moskva has good AP good arcs and radar but des moines has radar, DPM,
    AA, i would say good AP and concealment. Head on the des moines and moskva
    bow on to each other des moines wins.

  52. can you play trigger fists.

  53. first to tell you “shut up kids” ^^

  54. First

  55. first to win

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