World of warships – Hindenburg HANS driving the boat

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  1. your german is awesome!

  2. I fucking love his german

  3. I want more of Captain Hans

  4. Btw: Armor Piercing Shells is “Panzerbrechende Grante” in german^^

    • Oh yeah I’m sure I’m gonna remember that o.O xD

    • Oh I have a little typo… “Granate” not “Grante”, my bad^^
      The funny thing is when you literally many german stuff to english:
      Panzerbrechende Granate = Tank busting grenade

      Because in german military jargon everything that flys in an arc is not a bullet/shell but a grenade

  5. flambass if You play Your KM ships like that then i would like to see You playing shima or even better ,Błyskawica 🙂

    nice vid btw.

  6. In that moment nagato knew.. he fcked up.. O.O i didnt even know 19k dmg salvo was possible on a hindy haha

    • Schneider well, it has 12 guns. One pen does around 1900 damage, so he potential is easily there. You just need super dispersion or be very close like in this case.

    • I know I habe Hindy I love it .. but to break 19k is crazy.. I took it into a training room after watching this and best I could do was 16k

  7. You psycho hahah, that little mouse shake while demanding the Shima’s ”
    PAPIERE!”?! Fucking gold hahah

  8. Amazing match

  9. so funny , i think hans let you down….

  10. Trade more VW’s to U.S.. Get more Ahmerican Piercings! That was “Spit Take” funny stuff. Gotta clean my kybrd from rum n coke now.

  11. omg dude fix your keyboard…..all the recent videos having that damned usb connect/disconnect sound and i keep thinking it’s something on MY pc making the noise……

  12. Man, you are crazy ! 😀 One of the best if not the best live comentary,i have ever seen !!! GJ, thums up 😉

  13. When I read the title I knew there were some nice german comments coming from you. 5 minutes into the vid: not disappointed xD

  14. 13:33 Kreygasm

  15. Quote of the game: “My mother always said, cook things before
    you put them in your mouth”

  16. Listening to u speaking german is so fcking hilarious…..even better than watch the game, and this comes from someone probably speaks German a little bit better than u. Great entertainment!

  17. that german talking soo fucking funny

  18. That commentary was the greatest I’ve seen in a LONG time 😉

  19. I think I like how he makes fun of German, because he is kind of good in the pronounciation. MFW he can even speak the CH….totally excelling the whole Anglosphere in language skills.

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