World of Warships – Hindenburg in the current meta

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I used to have reload Hinden and I was always 1st in, last out. But since 0.8.0 where everyone is camping in the back and it’s impossible to get close enough to be effective, I think range Hinden is awesome. You can ofc still charge and tank if there’s a need for it but this way you at least have a and that feels awesome.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Flambass i watch you every day man. Thank you for what you create.

  2. I really love Hinden since I unlocked her. This ship is very versatile and robust. Really a pleasure.

    • Takarde Honestly that’s kind the whole line, they are all a joy to play, and multipurpose! Love my little German Kreutzers!

    • +Will H I didn’t liked the Hipper. Everyone says she is OP, I had bad results and didn’t find any interest playing her. But other Tiers, yes I agree.

    • Takarde Hippie wasn’t my favorite, but she wasn’t my least favorite either… Her and the Yorck just felt very inconsistent, one game you could triple citadel a Moskva from 10km range, next you would get deleted after bouncing a full broadside on something stupid. Overall the Kberg was my favorite tho

    • Hey how hindi comparing to roon ??

    • JR Bullet correct me if I’m not remembering well, haven’t played Roon in ages but I’d say they are similar… tho the Hindi is a DEFINITE upgrade

  3. Hope the move went well for you and Mrs citadel?

  4. Yeah, Battleship Hindenburg is still a solid ship.

  5. So you had one good game in the Hinden, this doesn’t make the ship good, even though you do have a point with the range upgrade. One look at the weekly stats on maplesyrup shows that the Hinden is at the bottom of T10 cruisers, it’s the worst free roaming cruiser. That’s the reality for average players. Hinden has been removed from clan battle rosters, as Henri IV does everything Hinden does, but better. WG overnerfed the Hinden then buffed all other free roaming T10 cruisers, leaving the ship with no place to shine in the current meta.

    • for some reason I did much better in roon than hindi… maybe because of what you wrote or maybe I just don’t know how to play it:)

    • While it does not ‘shine’, it is just a good all round ship.

      To each their own, both work if you play them to their strengths, yes its dead in the current comp meta, Henri is just a better ship killer thanks to MBRB, and it can reposition at will around the map, and as with the hindy, is one of two cruisers that HE pens 50mm plate, aka Stalingrad killers (with IFHE, as opposed to Hindy’s 1/4 HE pen German ‘flavor’).

      In saying that tho, I still love my range Hinden

  6. That’s why Henri shines in this meta, especially with legendary module.
    Concealment doesn’t matter because of constant spotting and insane range and reload, and 44knots of speed with spood beast.

  7. Good ship, but not meta at all….we live in the world of Henri now xD it used to be Hindenburg though at some point.

  8. @Flambass would you recommend the range module on the Roon as well instead of the faster main battery reload module

  9. Good to see the Montana that pushed came 2nd. Excellent example of a BB taking a beating so a CA can dish out damage and both doing well as a result.

    • cccooooooolllllllll

      Would have been better if he would have survived tho , pushing is good, but staying alive (and thus doing dmg) is a better option overall .

      But still good the game rewarded its push.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      yeah thats what the most players avoid tho..

    • +cccooooooolllllllll
      Yes, but better to push, die, win and come 2nd on your team than sit back at full health like so many German and (particularly) RN BB players potentially losing instead.

  10. Christopher Wilson

    “in the current meta” is what is needed for reviews of current ships. They don’t have to be long and can be a series of a line of ships. The change in CV had changed how you play. My hindy experience, spotted by planes in 1st 2 minutes and hit by a republique from across the map and left with 4k health- game over.

  11. Meatballs for life

    everyone loves battleship hinden unless it is cooking them alive

  12. That was a citadel bouquet on that Minotaur at the end.

  13. Hope your move and internets transfer are going well Flamba! Hang in there.

  14. This is like the perfect counter to Jingles video.

  15. what is that “New Warships Game” you are talking about? :O

  16. well, as I and still grinding Yorck I look forward to these perspectives on the road ahead

  17. It needs better concealment and is still awfully slow…

  18. 3:07 literally the life of a German cruiser player

  19. @flambass do you think henri’s nerf is on its merry way?

  20. I’ve always played anti-campers hinden, its lovely

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