World of Warships – Hindenburg Madness All Around

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on Sea of Fortune moves out to engage the enemies, I just look for anyone out in the open at first. A couple enemies try to push of the western flank, I get out there to reinforce the flank. A enemy and two battleships push somewhat deep into our territory. I have to try and weather the storm to even have a chance to survive. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Cruiser Hindenburg Replay


  1. Call the Hindenburg “oops”. remember the airship

  2. TheHardstyleMusicz

    She’s one of my favorite Tier 10 cruiser, One of the best all arounders 🙂

  3. audio desync, video is a good second ahead sound

  4. audio out of sync?

  5. along from tier 5 to hindenburg. is there any good to keep in port ?

  6. notser, r u drunk in this vdeo? x)

  7. Okay, audio desync = eye bleed. Sorry Notser, syncing (like the Titanic) is one of my video pet peeves, just cannot stand watching a video with that problem 🙁

  8. Saw it live. I really thought he was a goner. Never underestimate a notsering Notser.

  9. Random Channel Vids

    been watch since you only had 17k subs keep it up 1 mlln aubs.

  10. Sir Orrin Productions

    DANGIT! thought this was the Hindenburg game I sent in!

  11. OMG Notser,what an escape at the end!

  12. YES! FINALLY ! :D:D

  13. Wow. Beached cruiser? HELL YESS!!
    Cruiser have torps? HELL YESS!!
    Wait whaaa?

  14. That is some cosmic justice right there with the douche in the Kurrywurst going around calling people potatoes.

  15. Destroyer Inazuma

    Zao claps in her corner laughing maniacally

  16. Hindenburg obviously OP, must be nerfed.. or moved to stronk Soviet line.

  17. Do you train your captains to max for each ship?

  18. Hindenburg rarely take citadel at close range. Really good for rushing battleship.

  19. Mikey Notser (?

  20. That ending was amazing! I enjoyed that so much! Thanks Notser.

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