World of Warships – Hindenburg Path to 300,000

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on Warrior’s Path by axiskiller1 moves to support the assault on the A point. The two teams are bogged down for control of the point. axiskiller1 moves forward with assistance from the flank, the enemy tries to counter the movement but a cyclone moves in. The game progresses with axiskiller1 unloading everything he has against the enemy. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Hindenburg Replay


  1. Number 10 whohoo no you guys see. The element of surprise is a force to be

  2. Lucas Teixeira (HarambeGaming)

    I never see a zao doing this, cry is free

  3. 35k commander xp….holy shit.

  4. Wow… and he did this with a 10 skill point captain (look at the captain
    XP at the end, next level is 74k, which leads to the 11th point). I’m
    impressed. Very impressed.

    Oh, by the way Notser, if you want to shorten Friedrich der Grosse, I
    suggest using Friedrich, FdG or even Freddy over ‘der Grosse’. ‘der Grosse’
    is just an epithet and means ‘the Great’ like with Alexander. Using an
    epithet alone is always a little cumbersome.

  5. Actually Notser i check it and it seems the highest damage for you is
    around 230,000with Montana, i check the WoWs community Assistance, you are
    definitely better than me i got around 177k with Iowa and 172k with New
    York ,that N.Y. game 6 kills i wish i had that replay to share it with you,
    please keep up the good work

  6. Luck was involved, during the push into A he was broadside to the Friedrich
    north of him nearly the entire time, but didnt got punished.

  7. I like that he thought he had hydro mounted when he moved in :D

  8. Damn 300k dmg, my best is 175k in Gneisenau. :(

  9. Holy sh*t… This proves yet again Hindenburg is a battleship =D and on tie
    with Zao on nr. 1 cruiser in the game. 

  10. my highest dmg is in a kuma of all things …135k

  11. Sir Orrin Productions

    definatly looking foreward to the Hindenburg. I love the Hipper, and I
    almost have the credits for the roon. If the Hindy plays like the Hipper
    i’ll be happy.

  12. It was hard to watch him continuously shoot AP at the angled Moskva

  13. Main diff from this battle and most others is the team DID push with him.
    That never happens EVER but it did in this battle.

  14. saw this one crazy 401k damage Yamato game

  15. The way xp works baffles me… even after such a monster game, he got less
    base xp than I got in my best Bismarck game (3502 base xp). I don’t get it
    … he did 302k damage (I did 209k), he got 6 kills (5), and capped as many
    bases as I did (though I was solo-capping mine… does that give such a
    significant bonus?). I did kill 23 planes, but they were all tier 6. How
    does that outweigh 93k extra damage and one more kill…?

  16. “Party at B” hahahahaba

  17. 300k damage in a game*

    * best ship on enemy team is trashcan

  18. Ayano “Akari Mizunashi Furutaka” Sugiura

    I think that the cyclone helped him massively
    if it was normal he could have been easily deleted

  19. How is he is not using the Hydro?

  20. Man… This Hindenburg sat stationary, spotted, for like 2 minutes at the
    beginning of the game, and the only friendly ships around him were
    battleships, and then he slowly pulled out, broadside on, in front of all
    those ships, and nobody even shoots at him. This particularly irritates me
    because in literally all 4 of the games I’ve ever played in my Budyonny
    I’ve been one shot with under 10k damage done. Sigh.

    Also, while I’m at it, my highest damage ever was something like 165k in
    the Fuso.

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