World of Warships – Hindenburg Strikes Back

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The is a ship that doesn’t get a lot of love but I wanted to take her out and see if it could get some retribution for the HE penetration video. We’re on North and I just try to do the best I can for my team. I engage around B and sling HE to set some fires with the enemy pushing the east. Game progresses nicely and I try to inform about shot selection. Hope the game was fun to watch and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Hindenburg Replay


  1. Hey Notser …thanks for the vids 🙂

  2. I don’t understand why the hindenburg is considered the worst X cruiser. It’s a friggin beast, my best performing X cruiser last time I checked. It’s tanky, fast RoF, accurate, stealthy. Just fantastic.

  3. I love the Hindenburg, don’t understand the hate against it. I won’t ever be against buffs to it though 🙂

  4. Hindenburg has slightly higher HE damage per minute and starts slightly more fires. I think you don’t really need to make excuses for taking DE on this ship.

    Let’s look at the HE and fire damage of these ships. Let’s assume that both ships use Demolition Expert and Fire chance flags.

    Hindenburg HE: 12 guns, 8.8 second reload, 2500 alpha damage, 17% fire chance
    Damage per minute = (60 / 8.8) * 12 * 2500 = 204,545
    Fires per minute = (60 / 8.8) * 12 * 0.17 = 13.91

    Zao HE: 12 guns, 12.1 second reload, 3400 alpha damage, 23% fire chance
    Damage per minute = (60 / 12.1) * 12 * 3400 = 202,314
    Fires per minute = (60 / 12.1) * 12 * 0.23 = 13.69

  5. World of Warships - Captain Kittredge

    Love your vids man. Great commentary.
    P.S. My last video was dedicated to you, aptly named ‘I pulled a Notser and it cost me’

  6. The HEY is back! <3

    Keep up your good work Notser, and ignore the haters! You are a good player and I love watching your vids. Even *when* there's something "objectively and mathematically wrong".

  7. Hindy is probably my favorite among my T10 ships. It’s a jack of all trades and very adaptable to many situations. And like yourself, I went with an agility build instead of concealment mod, albeit with the boosted propulsion instead of the -20 rudder shift.

    Great game!

  8. Weakest T10 cruiser? It has high AP damage, faster reload than Zao, good long range gunnery, murderous AA and in a brawl, torpedoes will give you an edge over a Des Moines & Moskva.

    I swear Hindenburg gets its bad name because all cruiser scrubs only know how to use HE. AP is where the Hinden shines more than even Des Moines and Moskva when it comes to raw damage.

  9. Notser, the N.O. should have just rammed you instead of being courteous to you.

  10. Ярік Львів

    That’s a beast among tier x ships

  11. Oh the joy of a high tier cruiser 🙂

  12. Hey, can somebody tell me what’s the deck armor on the Hndenburg in midship?

  13. current meta in your server* is not conducive to dfaa

  14. Wait, is the music in the back ground from Arpeggio. Kongōs theme?

  15. End of Internet – HE Hindenburg [*]

  16. Nicely done! (Both gameplay and video, of course!)

  17. Good one Notser and yes, your marksmanship is usually way up there. Nice shooting.

  18. eyyy Hinden 27mm armor buff I love it

  19. I love my Hindenburg. When your team has to face battleships late game and yours are dead the Hindenburg is the ship to have. She will tear battleships apart like few cruisers can.

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