World of Warships- Hindenburg: The Ship That Refuses To Be Out Of Meta

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the German Tier X Heavy cruiser Hindenburg, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. I still enjoy Hindenburg, but my captain build is hilariously out of date. Still running the anti-conceal build. Still my most played cruiser though.

  2. Is it actually surprising? The meta hasnt changed for years, it’s still as toxic as ever

  3. Hinden has been consistent since her introduction, one of my favorite crusiers

  4. I’m grinding the Hindenburg now. Got the Roon B and now I just need +250K XP for the Hindenburg. Also have the Des Moines.

  5. I rather grind the Hipper than the Roon, the hipper is way more versatile, have more torps and its armor is at least useable at most ranges, especially during kiting (have been citadelled a lot in the Roon trying to kite)

  6. When u have Op He and dpm it doesn’t care about Meta .

  7. Hinderburg is my first tier X cruiser and still my favorite cruiser.

  8. From my experience AP Hindenburg is much more DPM than HE. I use the AP shell Buff and its incredible. You would be suprised how much dmg an ap salvo can do on battleships or even angeled cruisers.

  9. Not just Hindi
    There are 2 more old cruisers I can think of the top of my head that just refuses to go out of meta
    Minotaur, and Des Moines

    Minotaur’s lack of HE yet the spammiest of CL guns with improved AP, her concealment, smoke (and possibly radar), her agility, is what kept her where she is
    Des Moines has always been at the top of the meta ship. Her high RoF, hard hitting guns, decent survivability and high utility made sure of that

  10. Thanks for the video, Sea Lord. Been trying to decide if I want to grind the line, thinking I may do it now after I get Des Moines.

  11. I started playing Hindy in this season ranked and I am liking it very much. I have the HE build with Lutgens. I am burning the large bb’s and nailing destroyers. The DM is equal but no torps. The torps give you that extra feature and even if you don’t use them the enemy has another thing to worry about.

  12. Imagine that… A “jack of all” type with no of the gimmicks WG loves to include is fun.
    Makes me laugh that “German Hydro” use to be the WG gimmick.

  13. I like Hindenburg too especially due to the reliable HE and great AP. Howver, I prefer the range mod as I don’t find Hindy to be agile enough. It’s even more in Arms Race mode when the reload buff and the increased shell damage kicks in! Man I’ve blapped battleships for 17-20k with AP

  14. Hinden gets 5 heals, which is 1 more than most other tier 10 cruisers

  15. I still play Hindi from time to time. Like Moskva Zao, and Des Moines, they are heritage cruisers since the game began. Glad I was able to earn the legendary modules for each.

  16. i disagree with this the ap on the hindenberg dosent have improved pen or pen angels yes but the alpha is insane remember you have 12 guns with decenr reload and amming for superstructers isnt hard on battleships you can chunk them for 10k plus i did it with the roon which has 3 guns less so shouldnt hard in the hindenberg to

  17. My first tier X cruiser and still a joy to play. I really underestimated the power of the AP until lately. Thanks for another great vid, SLM.

  18. Just unlocked Hindi a week ago, was looking for Hindi videos and there you go, my favorite WOWS content creator makes a video about it!!! What a good day I’m having, gonna sit down have a bite and watch this video! Thank you, Sea Lord Mountbatten!

  19. My first tier 10. And still the best Smolensk hunter in the game. Love slapping the Smoly with the 8″ AP shells. Typically two salvos is all I need to send a full health Smoly back to the port.

  20. I used to run double rudder mod in Hinden, 3.4 second rudder shift time. It was hilarious and very fun to play the “I bet you didn’t expect THIS” the moment you saw the enemy guns go off and instantly turn the ship 90° to dodge. I stopped using it right before the commander rework actually and for 2 reasons.
    -1 They buffed the reload time significantly so it was a way more effective option to just build for guns and the rest on survival or something else.
    -2 Turtleback armor on a cruiser shenanigans. Yeah the ship has good armor but battleship AP still hurts a ton so when I turned aggressively I thought “they either miss or hit me for 4k it’s not that bad”. Until I realized that if you failed to dodge you get citadel r*aped from the weirdest angles, so it was no damage at all or a 13k to 22k chuck of HP lost. The more I played like this (driving the ship like a drunken sailor) the more I realized I was dying very early in the game doing 70k dmg max every time, the first 2 minutes were fun but like I said hit or miss, and I guess they never missed huh?.
    Then I switched to artillery Hinden where I still am today and it’s slightly less fun but waaaaay more effective so in the overall, artillery Hinden turned out to be even better for fun games.

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