World of Warships – Hindenburg Tier X German Cruiser Overview

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Had/have acute pharyngitis with asthmatic complications—and I don’t even have asthma! Awesome! Except no, it actually sucks a huge amount of ass.

skin by Tanz:


  1. One of the only channels I actually have Notifications turned on.

  2. damn it’s been like forever

  3. Bram den Braber

    it is possible to make your map transparent, removing your blind spot. just go to the settings by clicking on the gears at the top right of your in-game map

  4. yesssssss
    my current favourite ship.
    good to hear from you again mate.

  5. also the most beautiful Tx cruiser, if it looks good, it probably is good 😉

  6. At 11:25, altho you have AP selected you shot HE, I have never seen this bug. Look at the shell colour, the blue shells are your AP, your Orange is the HE

  7. Martin Hirtreiter

    Someone know how to scale WoWs to 4K? The GUI is extremly small and i dont find a option to enlage it. I almost cannot read the text and the minimap is mini…

  8. I would love an overview for Gearing

  9. Liked before watching. lol

  10. 21:40 failed cobra by one of the fighters over your shells on the cv…
    Spectacular vid as always – love those furballs you get yourself into.
    Outro was cool too!

  11. Why does the Hindenburg looks different the deck and the red paint on the guns… is that a camouflage or what because mine doesn’t look like that :/

  12. Good work Biz. Love the stats edited in too.

  13. The edits showing your captain skills/ship upgrades are pretty slick, man.

  14. German ship are my favorite by far, they fit perfect with my aggressive play style. Thanks Biz for making this video and giving my fav ship some love.

  15. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    21:20 one time in my Montana I 1 shores a full HP Hindenburg dealing a full 51,000 dmg

  16. Dont get mad when i say this: i started to wonder if you are a goner.

  17. You have your fans man. Focus on us and not the haters because unlike some players you literally blow every enemy up that you see. I won’t mention any names 😛

  18. If you play like that when you are ill, I dont want you to be on the enemy team when you are healthy. 🙂 WP

  19. Great to see you’re back big time with World of Warships! Your vids have always been the best.

  20. Nice review, Biz! I’m delighted we share many of the same opinions on the Hindy. I would put some thought into taking Expert Loader – being able to switch to AP in 4.4s to nuke a turning ship can be super useful. Otherwise, it’s nice to find another fan of reload mod and Hydro. I’ve tried to talk to the other guys and persuade them that they’re doing it wrong.

    I might have a Hindenburg replay for you. heh heh.

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