World of Warships – Hindenburg | Uncomfortable Comeback

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In an intense all-range skirmish to come out on top Warrior’s Path, good old jack-of-all-trades Hindenburg makes efforts to turn the tides. I was long overdue a full commentary, and here it is! Ejnoy. #worldofwarships


  1. he is back

  2. Finally.

  3. Hero is back

  4. Roben we miss u and your edits sooo much
    Love u brother

  5. Conrad Smalberger

    Long Live The King!

  6. …and Roooooobiiiin has done it again…💪✌

  7. The king is back!

  8. the mighty hindenburg.

  9. I would never be able to give you a thumbs down, keep up with the amazing work. Greetings from a huge brazilian fan

    • With the flexibility of the English language allowing for various interpretations, would that make you a huge fan or a huge Brazilian?

  10. Since most of Robins average games would be worth a YT post for us mortals, you know if he posts a replay, it will be a good one!

  11. ZippoTheZipdrive

    uncomfortable indeed. +1 for the pronounciation! Although I thought you were French not Spanish. XD

  12. The best player EU west has blessed us with another video!

  13. Interesting to opt for additional range in the 6th spot over the more commonly taken DPM. Although I can see that having 20km range adds some very noticeable extra comfort.
    Edit: Forgot to add, fantastic commentary as usual.

    • The Sailing Robin

      exactly my thoughts. I’d prefer having more opportunities to engage rather than an extra second of reload

  14. missed you buddy, do more videos with commentating we missed that voice 🙂

  15. That Montana was almost as greedy as Robin was hungry for the kraken. Good win and nice game! Good’ol hindenburg. <3

  16. Well it’s been a while dude I thought I’d see a full edit of a vid sooner or later and as always u didn’t disappoint! Excellent job. I may not be playing Wows but I do appreciate a video of great game. #krakentheft=angryrobin😁 I’d have been fuming with that Monty tho

    • The Sailing Robin

      Oh I was fuming. Thanks for the kind words dude! Get yourself back in the game eventually

    • Honestly the game is moving somewhere I have little interest in going, and I haven’t missed it tbh one day maybe but from what I see and hear I’m still fine being out of it pal #oneday

  17. your the last WoWs Youtuber that i watch, absolut unicum gameplay my friend, have seen you ingame a few times. But i played last maybe 2 years ago haha

  18. Ggwp that was so close to a defeat. Nice carry, Robin!

  19. the legend is back. with a video on the hindenburg, one of my favourite cruiser, ever. am i dreaming ?

  20. Well played Robin o7
    That Montana player was a utter asshole. 2 Kill steals, 2 Krakens denied, 1 with team damage.

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