World of Warships – Hindy carry

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Hindy is one of the ships that just doesn’t seem to be top notch anymore. Seems to get his ticket punched too often by BBs and in comparison to all the HE spammers, it falls behind. BUT it’s still possible to carry with it.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. 2 times in a row :v

  2. Mathematically. You have to do 15 hours of great gameplay a day to process….

    Edit: quit your job. Lock yourself in a room with 1 month worth of food supplies and a bucket to shit and piss in lmao.

  3. Team killed in PUBG was the most funny thing i watched from you the last several months ????

  4. 12:25 Here you go, sum nice Krupp Stahl vor you, jaa

  5. 12:25 N U T

  6. the 20 shipbuilding tokens from daily missions is actually a reasonable help, It should save you having to do 1 directive, or at least get a booster a bit quicker than normal.

  7. Did the first directive in about 2.5 days of extensive play in co-op whilst knocking off snowflakes on T10 to T8 ships. Just going for the wins to clear the snowflakes

  8. “WG made these directives for like 3 people”. Heres the thing Flambass, they didnt mean 1% of playerbase based on skill, they meant the 1% with nice big wallets

  9. Have them buff hinden more kappa

    Although it’s doing very well for me

  10. Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

    Yeah on top of everything (basically runing the game) those CV mothertrackers also have a 9.5 km concealment. Basically it’s a floating airfield that somehow has lower concealment than a Mogami.

  11. “Now you can die.” Flambass just went full Bane. 🙂

  12. How much steel will you get? Like 5k steel + all the premiums you have

  13. Even you and Flamu will never complete this in time unless you use that tier 7 this whole shitstorm was created to sell more of.

  14. To make up for this Puerto Rico mess up, WG should give Kitakami to everyone whose account has been active for over a year 🙂

    • Better yet make the construction of Puerto Rico go until June which is when those first 3 doubloon boosters are no longer available.

  15. That Smolensk player was doing a PSA – if you are incompetent enough, even a Smolensk won’t make you useful.

    • I wouldn’t honestly be that surprised if WG ever tweaked Supercontainer RNG so that some of the <45% players in the game 'randomly' got Smolensks all of a sudden. "See? It's not so OP: those guys still die in <3 minutes every match!"

  16. Chin up, Flambass. The Yorktown needed an estimated 90 days of repair that Adm Nimitz shortened to 72 hrs in order for her to take part in the Battle of Midway. Call your local power company and schedule some rolling blackouts so your computer has the energy it needs to complete the PR missions. Your navy needs you. lolz.

  17. You my boy Flambass! (said like Will Ferrel in the movie ‘Old School’)

  18. pls answer me, i’m newbie on this game, can tell me where the ship can I buy ? i mean strong ship for newbie

  19. I was feeling slow today so I only played 35 hours of WOWS for the directives but I’ll play more tomorrow to balance and do a casual 65 hours of gaming no stress.

  20. Does anyone know the code that Flambass was referring to with the Very Merry Ship Rental?

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