World of Warships-Hindy Is it a BB or CA

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Today we have a Hindenburg game. I do not play this ship a lot so I play at range. We start by going to A. Lets see how this goes.

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Dino pic from-


  1. Glad to see you back ?

  2. Uhm, it’s a heavy cruiser…Idiot. -1 Like

  3. Terry Hollenbaugh

    GG Puddin Keep it up

  4. “if you cant kill a minotaur we deserve to loose this game” – i love your comments – lmao

  5. Nah its a battleship, FITE ME, anyway. Great to see sum luv with the hindern, shes in my list next to grind, but i have to go through the awfull hindern

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