World of Warships Hints and Tips – How to Brawl in Battleships

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Today we look at some hints and tips on how to survive and win a close quarters broadside battleship brawl in WoWS. While it might not guarantee a win -you can thank RNG for that- it will at least give you the optimal chance.


  1. my favorite part of playing cruisers and battleships is brawling

  2. You might want to take a look at the armor profiles in port before aiming for the same spot for every BB.

  3. zoup!!.. what the hell you doing .. thats too good of a tip !!

  4. God I love that Black ribbons coming up.. Good video

    By the way, can you make one for “If your enemy is gonna go on for the ram”?

    • insert [just dodge] comment

    • You can trick them by making It look like you’re going for a ram and then turning the other way ultimately exposing their broadside, flamu had it in video on it somewhere I think. Of course that will only work best with very maneuverable bbs like Alabama.

  5. “But the situation di…” i choose how i deal with the situation, RAMMING SPEED!!!

  6. Oh, I never thought of pre-positioning my turrets in such a manner.


  7. Help and Ensign was the reason I started following this channel years ago, love that you’re still throwing them out there. I’d love to see a whole series of them with updated information so I could share with people. Keep up that awesome work!

  8. Extremely important point not mentioned: when you zoom in at really close ranges, scroll out or your guns won’t depress all the way and you may shoot high and miss the citadel. This example, if soup was 1km closer the guns probably couldn’t have depressed enough to kill while fully zoomed in.

  9. And be aware of ramming… if they know their screwed they will full speed into your bow or nether parts.

    • and if you see the ram is unavoidable, then set the secondaries on a different target, and fire at the Hipper or other target to maximize your damage before the ram.

  10. So simple, but so alien for so many – Great quick Vid Zoup !
    Helping the community 3 minutes at a time 🙂
    Good hunting!


  11. Here is an tip:
    “Read your enemy”;
    When coming head-to-head with an enemy BB, there is an chance that the enemy might opt for ramming. When going in, notice how the enemy move, aim and so forth. Try to make an counter to that move by manuvering. If you see the ship turn to the right, try to go left and THEN right. This will make your rear end following you and make it pretty hard for the enemy to hit with an ram. Virsa Versa if the opposite happens.

    Also, try to “bait shots” from him. Give the enemy an “false” angel, meaning that the angel looks good to hit your citadel but it ain’t.
    And for the advance class; “Fake outs”.
    Give the enemy an false impression that YOU want to ram. From time to time, it works. They will try to avoid it and give you an niiiiccceee broadside for you to fire upon. Also, play with the throttle. By lowering your speed and accelerating again, you can make an sharper turn toward the side you want.

    • Could not agree more. Treat speed like a currency that you can expend on the type of action described above. That is also the reason why keep that speed up and choose to brawl more often, instead of avoiding it, if only because your enemy is generally uncomforable with it, prefering to bow-tank.

  12. Cheers Zoup. Was searching youtube yesterday, for this very topic.

  13. 0:50 – “most of the time we try to avoid this.” – Zoup

    Me, a German BB main

    “Well okay I guess I don’t count.”

  14. You forgot to mention if enemy survives to stay going straight and mabe angle a litte and use rear turret /turrets only

  15. This is the exact thing I do in my ships

  16. Love the Brawl
    being in a GK helps a lot too

  17. At 0:32 “…close enough to throw potatoes…”
    LOL!!! Are you referencing the Great Potato War?? Do a Google search on U.S.S O’Bannon Fletcher-Class DD, a Japanese sub known RO-34 and potatoes!! The O’Bannon overtook the sub with potatoes!

  18. At timestamp 1:11
    *I* never have to worry, because *MY* RNG Rosary was blessed by none other than Pope Jingles IV!!!

  19. “No one really puts thems….” Imma stop ya right there fam. I ALWAYS wanna brawl?

  20. Great vid! The most important part of this is turning your guns in advance imho. You should make a vid about brawling in a cruiser. I’ve managed to kill a Lyon in my Furutka just by remaining angled and firing torps and rear guns between the BB’s salvos. Those four 16k damage torps are no joke. You should also talk about this from the BB’s perspective.

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