World of Warships – Hiryu The Hunted

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Hiryu on Hotspot initially sends squadrons to the east side of the map. Our team appears to be pushing and I want to help out against enemy destroyers. The enemy pushes back in the west, where we need to defend against enemy destroyers. We try to bring back the game from a losing position. Hope you enjoy the video and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Japanese Aircraft Carrier Hiryu Replay


  1. and then the day u meet a kutuzov …

  2. Very good video series I am enjoying very much, ty! In this post you
    mentioned your team was doing a good job fighting back however I do not see
    in your battles much ally communication as I see in formal ranked / team
    battles. Shall you be doing or have you already planned to start ranked
    battles when the next series starts? Just curious and please keep posting!
    : )

  3. You were wasting too much time concentrating on sinking one ship. When you
    play IJN CV, you need to be able to multitask to support your team while
    trying to deal damage. You need to send your planes around the map to spot
    DDs for your team, destroy enemy floatplanes that spot your team DDs, and
    find enemy strike planes that attempt to snipe you. In addition, you need
    to be able to make quick drop decision and stop circling your planes
    because Japanese planes are extremely weak especially if you are in a high
    tier game. I have a game that ONE Benson AA destroyed my entire Hiryu
    squadron of torp bombers because I hang above him for like 30 seconds.

    You should change your play style when you play IJN CV because they’re
    nothing like US CV

  4. Jesse WhoEvrIwant2b

    Do you know if you get spotting XP like in WOT? Also all those freaking
    squadrons the japanese get, I am still on the bogue and jealous.

  5. Andreas Petersson

    Awesome to see you’re playing carrier Notser 🙂 Going to watch the movie
    now and eat before bed, and as always, have a nice day!

  6. that was an epic match to watch Noster 🙂 !!

  7. Nice video. What do you think about the tier 5 perk for ijn cvs that adds 1
    fighter and 1 bomber? Worth it or better off taking something else?

  8. Notser, I would like to try CVs how do you drop manually

  9. I have the Independence and I just like the fighter load out– I can spot
    the enemy for my team,, shoot down enemy fighters
    and do a little damage with my dive bomber set… the strike package is so
    hit or miss,, maybe I’ll do a little
    damage or more likely there will be 2 CVs on each side and i’ll just watch
    my planes get shot down in flames
    doing nothing. when there are 4 CVs one usualy end up being a Lexington and
    my planes suck against a Lexington .

  10. RNG?

  11. CV put me to sleep sorry

  12. mike b (Fugenchutenz)

    So Jap CV DBs are more accurate than American DBs eh? Guess they didn’t do
    very good research when they were making this game. If anyone wants to
    argue the anti-US bias in this game, all they have to do is look at the USN
    CV tech tree.

  13. How do you check the health or status of a ship?

  14. Bomber can’t hit anything Fxxk

  15. Another great one Notser!
    I haven’t tried this line yet, it’s on the distant to do list. First get
    through the ones I’m already on.
    Keep ’em coming!

  16. Try using air mod 2 for fighter survivability

  17. Nice game I just got the hosho and I’m really enjoying Japanese CVs

  18. From playing them and watching videos of CV gameplay, I just see one person
    with too much potential power >< If i want to I can completely ruin a destroyers game and most battleships too.... I can't think of another class of ship that has so much power over someone else's game. Even if a battleship does the 'right thing' and finds a friendly cruiser with good AA, at worst you'll lose two or three aircraft and you'll still get hits on the battleship...from my experience anyway. Though if carriers are in the game, this is all inevitable.

  19. matthew kyte (The Mighty MattMan)

    @Notser Well done.

  20. can i play with you almost have my new mexico ?

  21. When dive bombing, why didn’t you align the attack with the length of the
    enemy ship?

  22. Well, after seeing this all I can say I will suck at carriers… :/

  23. Everythin' Bunky

    Well played Notser, Cheers!

  24. I like using Defensive fire on my USN dds to troll cvs

  25. Now play the hiryu when you have to go against Iowas and Baltimores

  26. I always marvel at how rules (laws, too) have unintended consequences.

    Bonuses for fires? HE spam!

    The introduction of yet another CA tech tree? That nation’s CA’s will be
    the preponderance of CA’s in every match.

    Buff plane bots? The game turns into an AA bot vs plane bot
    no-skills-required non-battle.

    AA is really weak on most ships and even strong AA is pretty useless. The
    plane bots always get through your AA bots and then you die because you
    can’t dodge 5 torpedo squadrons that somehow turn and dive and drop
    torpedoes from all directions a scant 2 mm from your hull and sink you.

    As a result I don’t like playing DD’s or BB’s anymore, they are too easily
    sunk by plane bots, especially DD’s.* I think playing CV’s is dull and
    using my CA’s to shoot down plane bots with my AA bots, well, it isn’t as
    rip-roaring fun as it sounds. It isn’t even visually interesting because I
    can’t even see the plane bots my AA bots are shooting at; I hear plane
    crash sfx and a purple ribbon with a plane on it takes it place in the
    upper right hand corner of the screen. Good thing I have a strong heart
    with excitement like that!

    I noticed that the number of DD players has declined significantly and many
    matches have zero DD’s because the only thing they are good for is rushing
    to cap circles and getting destroyed. With the addition of radar, stealth
    is no longer much use at all, and playing a DD almost totally pointless.
    DD’s have no major function.

    I wasted a lot of time and money on my DD’s so I am not very thrilled with
    WG right now. I have been screwed by every change to date and I think WG
    owes me for my losses.

    CV’s are like DD’s that have ultra-fast, super-long range, remotely guided
    torpedoes that can be launched from several locations at once at a target,
    they also detect enemies, go over islands, and set fires in addition to
    causing flooding. Not only that, but the only thing that can hurt your
    flying DD’s is very weak, very short ranged AA.

    It would be great (so the odds of this happening are nil) if WG gave you a
    tiny bit of control over the maps and game modes, but then MM couldn’t do
    it’s part to ensure you have as rotten a game experience as possible. It
    would be greater if WG would stop pulling the rug from under me every 30-60

    * You would think it would be hard to hit a small, high speed, turning ship
    consistently with bombs, but you’d be wrong. I get hit less in BB’s and
    CA’s than I do in DD’s. Go figure.

  27. hate CVs but like the CV vids btw. keep them coming please.

  28. I’m confused. almost all your DB drops were attempted cross the path
    instead of inline. I assume that is because you try to ensure some hits as
    opposed to the inline where you could get none due to the high
    accuracy/miss if offline. The other point is with that seems to be because
    you played the planes so close to the ships for that cross drop it was much
    harder to get the timing right and you ended with aborted drops 85% of the
    Would it not be advantageous to do inline instead and then benefit more
    from less hovering time and more reloading opportunities?

  29. LomAPoY NanGka QiABaQ

    Please do some Amagi Battlebrilliant park ship..xD Amagi

  30. great game notser

  31. Brian Lock (神通)

    Nosty do a super bad job in this vid, plus, IJN DB are so small that attack
    from front and back is a must.

  32. my i suggest some cinematic views for the carrier replays? the top view is
    a bit dry

  33. You just made me crave to buy back my own Hiryu!
    Fantastic video as always Notser! Love it :D

  34. Someone's Youtube Username

    That divebomb manual dropping was just horrible to watch. Back and forth,
    back and forth… ugh.

  35. It’s pronounced “Here-Yu” she had such a sad life

  36. Tora Tora Tora Notser!

  37. at the begaining, i was thinking “he is going to cv snipe u!!!!! get ur
    fighters back!!!” then he attacks a random cruiser…..

  38. i litterally just got my hiryu yesterday , still stock though

  39. Some very good manual drops especially with the torps on DD’s

  40. Andhika nur Aulia

    So that’s how bad it gets when they got focused by fighter. Wondering why
    they never land a single hit on my Pensa. Though you’re hunting DDs all the
    time. Is it just situational or that you like hunting them? Typical CVs do
    either CV hunt or BB hunt

    For pronounciation, Ryuu on Hiryuu needs more emphasizing. Well, you just
    need to follow that guy from the vid you shared. That’s basically how
    natives pronounce them

  41. very cool, it looks so easy when you play a CV but I know that it’s not :)

  42. im trying to get through the langley, but i keep ending up against tier 5

  43. damage control lasts for :
    20 sec, US BBs
    15 sec, German BBs
    10 sec IJN BBs
    5 sec UK BBs

  44. CynicallyObnoxious

    Yo Notser how about a Mutsuki vid

  45. Very enjoyable.
    Hope to see a few more of those in the future.

  46. That destroyer certainly enjoyed having a torp stuck up his own ass
    ……… fuckstick ^^

  47. playing a carrier looks so hard..but well done and great game play

  48. KingOfRotterdam16

    Hey Notser i really enjoy your contend but just have one question, why do
    you seem suprised when you get a hit/kill if this isnt live commentary :D

  49. ok heres a request, stop calling ships “she” u sjw feminist :/

  50. And they say CV games aren’t interesting 😀 I love it, its also teaching me
    a thing or two, i suck so bad at CV, but i would kinda like to get into
    them. What do you suggest for beginners, American or Japanese?

  51. u really need to practice more menu dumping

  52. I was w8 ur video since 6am

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