World of Warships- Hizen Second Impressions

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Hey guys, today we have second impressions review for the new TIX premium Japanese battleship, Hizen.

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Nice vid,can u do one on marceau when u get it.

  2. “Its kinda like punching a puppy, really hard”

  3. Played like 15 batles with Hizen so far and I find her pretty powerful. And much more fun to play than Georgia for example, mainly due to her 12 guns instead of 6. I’m rather happy with her.

    EDIT: I can’t agree, that Hizen is a backline sniper. For me, she works best when pushing together with the team, at middle range.

  4. Describing t9s in t7 games as punching puppies. accurate lol

  5. lmao these days i only play t9 because of the amount of tier 7 games I get

    • When I was tier 7 I was placed in t9 games almost every time. It sucked, especially in Colorado. I was looking forward to getting t9 so I could bully t7 matches all the time. So when i finally got Iowa, i was excited. But just my luck that I get placed in either t8 and 9, all t9, or t8,9, and 10, almost NEVER a t7 match😵🤣😡🤬😡😡you lucky bich

    • One game I was in the shores in a T9 battle. I was turning to go to a flank when I got spotted by the CV only to loose a big chunk of my HP to a JB and then to be finished off by an Alaska. The funny thing was that the JB and the Alaska apologized to me and admitted that T7 shouldn’t see T9 games.
      TLDR: T7 in T9 match equals to getting blown out of the water. Other team felt sorry.

  6. Anchorage is a good ship, but gets uptiered to tier X way too often.

  7. I bought the stages to finish off the grind for the Bourgogne and Slava. Hizen is a decent ship for the current sit back and snipe meta. Not worth the cash but the rewards were good for me to have a nice holiday season with new ships.

  8. Koyel Datta Gupta

    Yes, Hizen is a really good ship with Japanese guns, armor, survivability, etc

  9. The missouri part, you had a stroke there?

  10. Have a good. I dont need nothing i need this year to go together in one bb if you can ty. And sry HAPPY NEW YEAR MATE AND ALL THE BEST IN BB. Can you to say when i can to go in game. I don’t have a pc but I hope. Ty i hope all of you are well.

  11. Wait a minute… maybe I should buy Yahagi now… with the 25% discount so when I get the yahagi I’ll profit by 1k doubloon?

    • Correct- that is what I have done. That assumes you are going to grind to at least stage 15 of the dockyard (stage 15 Yahagi reward) as the Yahagi is a poor ship.

    • @Kneecapper well… i have bought the initial package to get hizen… so why not? hahaha

  12. Мартин Георгиев

    American bbs line are fp2 ships , this is a p2w ship. By the way i found this video while searching “banzai meme”

  13. Tamás Kerecsényi

    The Hizen is good but i won’t be getting it, that look… uh especially from the aft looks so awful… and as a premium ship which you will sail a lot looks is everything in my opinion.
    Also in the current CV meta weak AA is such a letdown.

  14. Honestly all the drydock ships are just ok even oden… and we don’t talk about the first ship. But I got fee dubs to get hizen so ima grind a bit.

  15. The CV is going to have its way with you regardless. Spotting aricraft is way to valuable for smoke firing and island humpers

  16. I’m glad you changed your mind on this ship, I’ve been playing it since day one and it’s been great! I do think the pronunciation of its name is wrong, it should be spoken with a long i instead of a short i, but that’s ok lol

  17. i don’t know guys. the main gun is really lagging in my opinion

  18. Now that they have released the Hiz’n, can we look forward to the Her’n?

  19. Here’s a protip for brawling my guy: Zoom into the front turrets to aim and fire them in a drive-by and have the hotkey ready to switch to the back turrets. So you don’t have those painful “guns won’t shoot” moments.

  20. Hizen feels like Kongou to me. Good manuverability, decent armour sceme and same main battery layout

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