World of Warships – HMAS Perth

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G’day, Bruce! Fair dinkum! How’s your wallaby, and other such Australian-related shenanigans. It’s time to open a tinnie, throw some shrimp on the barbie and take a look at the first British Commonwealth warship to make it into the game, the Royal Australian Navy warship .


  1. Perth is a city ya knob ‘ead, it’s the capital of the biggest state in

  2. Perth’s not a goddamn town, it’s a City of 2 million miners.

  3. he compares it to all the tier 6 cruisers…except the Nürnberg…does he
    realize that there are German cruisers in the game?

  4. That accent…soooo bad. SO BAD lol

    But thats besides the point. Come to Australia! Perfectly safe!

  5. Mr. Uncle Jingles, the name Houston is pronounced Hue-ston. Please don’t
    send me to the salt mines, sir.

  6. Awesomenoob25 The Gaming Noob!

    ABOUT TIME AN STRAYAN’ SHIP IS IN WOWS!!!, and named after the city i was
    born and still being raised in :), also its not a town its a city.

  7. Obrist Vinnie Louis

    Is the nurnberg just not important enough to be compared as a tier 6

  8. Perth is a small fishing village. Some frauds claim it is a city, don’t
    believe them.

  9. the germans actually have pretty decent secondaries ive noticed those 88s
    they have do a lot of damage to destroyers and cruisers worthless vs bbs
    but still they can save you from time to time.

  10. Why does it have the Northern Ireland flag ?

  11. And yet iChase and Flamu don’t like this ship.


  13. Did you say Houston as hooston

  14. Oh, so not even 2min in and I have to say this because damn you really
    butchered that one, no disrespect jingles but as a native Texan I’m gonna
    have to teach you how to the name of the city I grew up in properly…sorry
    It’s pronounced hue-sten/ston not who-stun. And again sorry for correcting
    you but after hearing it said like that I just had to….

    Also random fact about the USS Houston , It actually served as Navy 1 for
    FDR on several special cruises before we entered WWII and was present at
    the opening of the golden gate bridge. and honestly as much as I dislike
    the city itself I do kinda hope the ship get’s added as a premium in world
    of warships..

  15. Pretty sure its HIS Majesty’s Australian Ship. Also, Perth is a capital
    city not a ‘town’

  16. Jingles, why do you continue to butcher the names of Japanese ships? With
    all other nationalities you seem to try to pronounce their names correctly,
    why can’t you do the same for the Japanese? In this case, Aoba is not
    pronounced Owba, it’s pronounced Ah oh bah.

  17. I personally don’t call torpedos ” torps” I prefer the more efficient and
    better describing ”pedos”.

  18. HMAS Perth is being stripped by salvagers now, sadly. Because of some
    political BS between Australia and Indonesia, Houston and Perth are not
    designated and protected as war graves. IIRC, 2 or 3 of PErth’s turrets
    have been ripped out, dynamite has been used to gain access into the hull
    for more metal, and it is now unsafe to dive her because of the damage the
    salvagers have done. The story is the same for Houston, which really sucks
    because a distant relative of mine was killed in the battle and his remains
    are still on board in the machine shop. The salvagers have COMPLETELY
    raised a Dutch submarine, O-14 I think it was. Seeing as the wrecks are in
    international waters and are not protected, there is nothing that can be
    done to save them. Thank God HMAS Sydney’s wreck is too deep for this to
    happen to her.

  19. Thanks for pointing out the Koala bear. It’s the tid bits like that why I
    aways watch Jingles first. That and a very solid analysis of a ship from
    its history to its in game role and set up. I can’t tell you how glad I am
    that you also do Warship videos. Many of my favorite YouTubers from Tanks
    didn’t decide to cover WoWs in their videos. There are some really good
    Warship Youtubers but not nearly as many as I used to have to watch when I
    played tanks. Your content is doubly appreciated over on the ship side I
    assure you. We may not be as many in number as the Tank viewers but what we
    lack in numbers we make up in enthusiasm for your quality content I would
    wager. Keep up the good work Jingles….Your fan since before you
    introduced me to Quicky Baby… CyberKnife

  20. pretty interesting that everyone thinks that us aussies go ‘G’day mate’ to
    everyone that they meet, but then in the city no-one says it.

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