World of Warships – HMCS Haida WiP – Still Incomplete

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Canada’s Fighting Ship in World of Warships is still a . She’s just not really good enough in my opinion.


  1. I could watch the intro for the WiP for hours

  2. I like the secondary idea, give it something special. As it is pretty meh right now.

    • Seriously, give the secondary gun long range and enhanced accuracy. That would make up for the lack of any real torpedo power.

      Also, the Perth smoke is silly. Give Haida USN smoke instead. That’s what Vampire gets, after all. So there’s already precedent for USN smoke on Commonwealth DDs.

    • I think the buffed smoke looks good. You can move around in it and really approach DDs in your smoke with the hydro to kill them. Like that thought and style.

    • 8654 Zulu Foxtrot

      Moving smoke is vastly more superior to static smoke in most cases.  If you don’t want to move then just sit in one spot…but if you “need” to move it’ll move with you.   I do agree that a boosted secondary would make this a very unique DD worth getting.

    • Moving smoke is worse for team support, though. And since the cooldown doesn’t start until the last puff of smoke, regular smoke lets you drop a new smoke screen a lot sooner.

    • RedXlV Team support? Did u witness much team support without being in div nowadays? Every 100th game maybe. And opposite to the Perth smoke it has a 1 min CD. So that’s pretty fine useable imo.

  3. #DDlivesmatter
    … does that count as a comment?

  4. Poor old Haida, still not loved enough by Wargaming

  5. Yes it’s better and I’ll probably buy it being Canadian but it should have the 4th turret.Perth smoke is a nice touch though.

    • If she has the fourth turret she becomes indistinguishable from the Cossack. That’s the big problem. And if she has the gun fit that’s on her hull now, I’m not sure how she would survive against surface opponents.

  6. HMCS Nootka and Cayuga had an alternative armament than the rest of the Tribal class destroyers with 4×2 102/45 Mk 19 guns which could be an alternate hull. Turn her into a British Akizuki?

  7. The Fuzzy Unibrow

    Viva Mexico!

    Sincerely, a first generation American who actually loves the U.S and it’s history (ex: I own a 1943 M1 Garand solely for this purpose).

  8. finally A Canadian ship.

  9. Chase, while the idea of giving Haida an alternative hull seems interesting, making that hull AA heavy doesnt seem like a good idea, with the CV population being next to extinct. Perhaps it will be a viable option with the upcoming CV rework, who knows.

    Cheers, Q

    • I’d be less worried about it pissing off the few remaining CVs, and more worried that WG would consider her AA to make up the difference for Haida. In reality of course, it would only come into play once every 20 games or so, leaving her severely weakened in the other 19.

    • DerKrampus yeah that was exactly my thinking aswell. If they do it, it would seem useless more often than not

    • The AA wouldn’t be that powerful without DFAA. After doing the math, with numbers in-game, you only end up with around 100dps. Mostly it’s awkward to balance because low firepower. This version would essentially be a mini-akizuki, and could fit at tier 6

  10. Most ships have 2 or 3 radars per ship, 3 or 4 with premium..
    Change this to just 1 across the entire game, 2 with premium.
    This will encourage radar to be used less in game, encourage more skill in applying, as it is now, with 3 radar ships on a team, you can chain radars for the entire 20 mins.
    This Q & A was not really announced, I stumbled upon it connection to Flamuu’s Twitch stream.
    This really was a opportunity for CC’s to ask Q’s, the + sections from joe public wasn’t that long or many Q’s.
    A list of 100 or 500 or 1000 Q’s need to collated from CC’s, public or whoever, this list is given to WG and let them in writing ….with considered official answers. Not what dev’s think mgt are doing or want.
    I felt many of the A’s to Q’s was BS because they didn’t know the A, didn’t want to say the A (for what ever reason).
    Radars are fucking up the game, as a DD player its near impossible to be effective, perhaps I should play my Asashio all the time, and torp from 16km…. try radaring that you fuckers.

    • So much Drama and exaggeration I see here…

      Even with three Radar ships per Team, each carrying four charges of the longest Duration Radar, the longest chain Radare you can achieve will be 11min and a few seconds. And that assumes that all those Radar ships are at the exact same cap, and are all Des Moines with the Radar module which, if you follow the devblog, might face some changes soon. So while those three Des Moines are radaring a cap, the other cap will be largely open. So you can go there and do your work there (not like DDs are the fastest ships in the game), or you can try to fight the enemy main Force under conditions that favor them. Your choice.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      While limiting the radar uses would help a little, you’d still have the issue of radar+smoke (especially moving smoke like this) unless you have a short duration which would kind of defeat the purpose of limiting the uses. Not having played DDs much, I still think it needs something or else it will feel underpowered. The secondary idea could be interesting, but I think that could even be too situational.

  11. They should have made the Haida a Gearing. The Cossack is crap.

    • Silverfox Hoffos2vp

      GuyOnYouTube the Cossack is a tribal class destroyer.. I think they are just using it as test as it’s already done the design phase. The hearing is a completely different type of destroyer. Cossack and Haida = tribal class dd’s

    • You’re not following me. Since Haida is likely to be the first and last RCN ship why not make it good in honor of Canada? With Tinkerbell Trudeau destroying Canada, the country needs some good news. It can be any T10 DD. Shimakaze is another good option.

    • A Shimakaze Haida would be way cool! Me likey.

    • General Cartman Lee

      The first iteration of the Cossack was not a good ship.
      But since then WG changed several things. The Cossack is now tier 8, has smoke generator similar to Edinburgh and not Perth, 10 km torpedoes, 8 guns.
      Currently the Haida is just a copy of the first Cossack iteration with a few changes.
      We’ll see what the final Cossack will be and if WG will change the Haida to match the Cossack.

    • Silverfox Hoffos2vp

      Making it a duplicate of another T10 dd would take away from it being a tribal class.. I think they should just make that multipurpose gun player controlled (now you have 8 barrels to work with) and speed up the rate of fire a bit. Make it a dd killer pure and true.

  12. what if they gave her the cold war refit but then moved it down to T6

  13. No no no you have to be careful to do a ship like this justice, she’s the pride of the RCN for god’s sake.

  14. Correct me if I’m wrong, that is a Cossack that you are playing sir. is the HMCS Haida basically the Cossack?

    • Silverfox Hoffos2vp

      Peter_Patson essentially yes, they are both tribal class destroyers. But I hope that they make more changes to the play style

  15. I just want British DDs. Haida’s a good start so at least we have a Tribal class in game but I want to see the line introduced. Getting tired of USN DDs.

  16. As a Canadian, HMCS Haida is really the one of the only chances to have a historical ship in the game that is strong. I also don’t want it to be OP, but it should be competitive with ships like Leningrad, Blys, Gadjah Mada, etc. I’ll be pretty disappointed if the Haida is a dog like these initial versions.

  17. Looks like a meh ship to me

  18. Have a nc one!!

  19. I have never clicked on a video so fast as I did this one when I saw HMCS Haida in the title.

  20. She is an interesting ship, I think the creeping smoke works better on DDs than CLs sorry Perth. I like your idea of buffing the hell out of that one secondary gun, I’ve gotten a few kills with the old Kiev with it’s one secondary gun. Also I like that she’s T7, sick of all the radar at T8+

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