World of Warships – HMCS Yukon – HARD PASS

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The LittleWhiteMouse & Chobittsu story:


  1. Murderous Kitten

    i wasnt going to buy it because wg sucks at its attitude . But this makes me want to not buy it even more.

  2. Antonio Hagopian

    They could have put a GMC Yukon on the ship in port just like godzilla. Would have made a bigger(i guess) buck from it.

  3. TruckingShooter

    This thing seems like christmas short list fodder anyhow, but even if it was a good ship, wargamings attitude makes me feel much less inclined to spend anymore money with this company… and I REALLY want to buy an Ise… but I just can’t justify giving them anymore money.

    • Danie Jansen van Vuuren

      Same here. Want it, not giving them money.

    • At last you open your eyes. The truth is that giving WG or really any AAA gaming company *any* money is just pointless. They will fuck everyone else over as long as a couple of people keep paying. I only pay for Indie games anymore, and I sail the high seas if I want to sample a mainstream game. You should do that too. Hit them where it hurts: the wallet.

    • I certainly can’t justify it. Got ahold of some bulk ammo to burn. My car needs some love. And warships sucks, lately. Just so many better things to spend it on, and have way more fun.

  4. Yeah I’m done putting money in WG.
    Loved the game back in 2017 but it’s been a down fall from there.

    • @iChaseGaming
      It’s like WG simply dosent under what people are asking for.
      Do we really need more aircraft based warships in the game?
      In this state its World Of Aircraft’s.

      WG did need to make the CV’s more playable for sure but did they need to butcher the AA at the same time? Nope!

      WG as a company today seems desperat for more money and that fast.

      In this rate I’m afraid the game will be dead in a couple of years.

      It’s a shame when we see the potential of it during KOTS.

    • @iChaseGaming Honestly? Wargaming Management change, maybe. Seems like these major issues started happening around 2018 or so, and it comes from the top, I think. I think that’s when the CV rework was pushed through…

    • @Terje Løvø And to add to that, Wargaming seems to really think that CQC skill is the way to use secondaries (to get that main battery boost) but honestly, I tested TEN MINUTES of firing Minnesota’s guns (35.2s reload with Main Bat Mod 3) and it equated to fiting two full salvos more than without it. In ten minutes of continuous firing, with CQC procced.

      CQC secondaries combo that Wargaming is pushing does NOT make up for the massive accuracy loss. It really doesn’t. I just hope Wargaming buffs ISBA to at least 45% because as they(secondaries) are now, it’s terrible.

    • @Sailor Moon Yeah I used to be a brawler player whit my seconderies ships.
      God I love my Pommern.
      But as you say WG mange to put that play style in a grave.

    • @Terje Løvø Try it on a battleship WITHOUT built-in dispersion buffs, it’s an absolute disaster. 11km range on something like Montana and your dispersion is like 326m with ISBA. If you go the WG approved CQC route, it’s like 501m….why even bother lols. You get less than 8% hitrates, I’m not even joking, consistently.

  5. The impression it gives me is it’s a huge Myoko…

  6. Vítězslav Zpěvak

    Any German BB when meet Yucon in brawl. Hello there and bye.

    • Yeah, I was just going for some damage at the end since it was just two BBs…still got hurt real bad 🙁

  7. “It wouldn’t be Wargaming if it works won’t it”? Hahhahaha

  8. WG: “Just wait you see historically accurate paper Soviet ‘WW2’ Carriers, comrade.”

  9. Happy Canada Day. Why did they not give us the Ontario or Quebec??

    • There are no existing cruisers already in-game that could be easily re-worked to either Ontario or Quebec configuration. Remember, this project was initially supposed to come out for Canada Day 2020, not 2021.

    • It would take too much time to model sooo fictional stuff it is

  10. Not having the best, making do with what you have and succeeding anyway is the most Canadian thing ever.


    • Yep absolutely. I was LWMs review and I’m still flabbergasted that either of them are still willing to work with WG on anything.

    • @Akshay Anand I think the only reason is, like me, they care for the game. The company, not so much. But the game itself, yes.

  12. We need this story to hit the gaming sites, make that happen ichase

  13. Cruiser armour, concealment, gun range, rudder shift … might have been better with cruiser guns?!

  14. WG’s apology for this was hilarious.

  15. Happy Canada day dude!!! I hope your day is great!! I have a question for you, how come you didn’t do a video on the a150? Others did and I missed yours not being there.I really enjoy the videos you do. Your subscriber J.

  16. A Google User anonymous

    The bright side about this shady story that hit on Canada day … no idiot blowing fireworks until 1 am. So yeah I had good night sleep for once.

  17. the cammo being extra upsets me a great deal

  18. Some random guy from the beyond

    somewhere in the distance LWM and Chobittsu are finding new ways to drown their sorrows cause man they got screwed over

  19. Amazing performance on ranked, for me. Loving it.

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