World of Warships: HMS Albemarle seems very good (1440P)

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My first game in the freshly released tier 8 British Heavy , HMS Albemarle.

Note: I am training up the Mighty Jingles as my British Heavy Cruiser captain, and he’s only got 6 skill points at the moment, but even with a very limited build the Albemarle performs quite well.


  1. is that jingles sound ?

  2. Glenn Andrei Dacara

    yeah you know what, imma sell my Neptune for this ship as well as switching the captain to the Albermarle.

    • dude to be honest that ships right now is not good as you think cause the amor is suck it’s like a floating citadel for every BB”s form tier VI to X to pen easily and die in just a salvo. The AA is good agianst tier VI and VII CV but easily get destroyed by other HE rounds and if you take the concelment expert you dont have to have the upgrade cause the maximum of cancel on this ship is 10 km with the upgrade and you just waste you skill if you take it too it gonna be 9.8 km of concelment and more and more problem…..So right now it’s not good at all

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