World of Warships – HMS Campbeltown

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After numerous delays I’m finally able to show you , the premium tier 3 that led the raid on Saint Nazaire and sealed the fate of the Tirpitz.

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a War Thunder or replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Just out of curiousity, Will you be doing any Naval Action videos? They
    have some really good Historical Ships and have made several changes since
    I last saw a video of it here…(Although, the same U.I. in port ) Thanks.

  2. Has there ever been reasons given why the Royal Navy (who played a major
    part of the 2nd World War) are basically not included in the game and the
    Russian Navy (which operated mainly as harbour defense) is heavily included
    and being added to?

  3. It’s about bloody time!!! Now can we get the 1.57 War Thunder review? Come
    on, you get to drive the Chieftain AND the Conway!!!

  4. Hey Jingles since you’re a fan of Girls und Panzer you might like the
    currently airing anime “Haifuri”.

    Don’t know if it’s actually any good but it seems to be kind of like
    “Girls and Warships” although it’s tone appears to be a tiny bit more
    serious than GuP.

  5. Yaaay at last Jingles does HMS Cambeltown, now lets see what does this
    bucket do :)

  6. I so want one of these and she is so pretty and thanks to superior British
    improvements it has nice torpedoes.

  7. 12:28 Has ANYONE here played DDs long enough to be at least decent enough
    at playing them to know what to do when?

    Cause I dunno about the rest of you, but when launching torpedoes from
    stealth, sending all launchers directly onto the given trajectory will be a
    total waste over 90% of the time! So what do I, as well as MOST good DD
    players do? They use the MULTIPLE launchers to launch one spread on the
    predictor, and the others near it but either in front of or behind the

    Now take a DD that can ONLY fire a single triple spread without making a
    full 180 turn – and said DD has a comparatively LARGE turning circle.
    Imagine the wasted torpedoes!

    Hell the only time I usually land torpedoes launched when spotted in a
    cruiser is when I am shelling them nonstop, quickly launching torpdoes
    between reloads. Or when I am on a YOLO run.

    Otherwise it is usually due to an ambush where they cannot see me until it
    is too late.

  8. Now let’s see how long it takes people to call the the Cameltoe

  9. I saw that Saipan Jingles, go on ; )

  10. Jingles, you *MUST* narrate a full-fledged and researched documentary, I
    mean your voice is just. fking. perfect. for it.

  11. HMS Camp-Fucking-Finaly-its-out-beltown.

  12. lol just finished watching the latest mingles with jingles

  13. “so basically the USA stiffed up” lmao?

  14. that ingame name tho admiral hipster

    and the campbeltown is basically shit

  15. in honour of this occasion I just cracked a bottle of Glen Livet! Cheers
    HMS Cambeltown.

  16. What an iconic ship (I knew about chariot) needs to me known more.

  17. I love listening to world war 2 history about the British side in the war.
    Against a technologically superior opponent, with the worst equipment money
    could buy and nothing but our never surrender attitude and stuff upper lips
    did we manage to fight off a menace long enough for Hitler to slip up
    invading Russia and for the Americans to get off their arses and do
    something. Good on you lads.

  18. Tell us another war story uncle Jingles

  19. New vid by Jingles = Day made!!!

  20. Admiral_Hipster :)

  21. Yay!!!!!!!! New Jingles Video and a British Destroyer!!!! What Joy!

  22. Bot Games are boring…

  23. just settling down for , story time with jingles

  24. Didn’t a Call of Duty or Medal of Honor game cover this event? i could
    have sworn doing this at a game demo.

  25. 12:00 NICE JINGLES skip RIGHT over the Wakatake – which has THREE 120mm
    guns that are CENTER mounted!

    And sure, they only get SIX rounds per minute (5 is the stock RoF) – but at
    8% fire, 500 MORE max damage, almost SPOT ON range of 9.4km – and almost
    IDENTICAL torpdoes, just more of them as they are CENTER MOUNTED!

    Campbelltown WOULD have made a great tier 2 with the stats it has now, but
    a tier 3 that can and will meet tier 5s?LMFAO!

    I look forward to killing these en masse with my Fujin, Isokaze, Murmansk,
    Arkansas, Aurora and even my currently POINTLESS Yubari – will easily rip
    this ship to shreds!

  26. So can you set it to explode when you ram stuff? :D

  27. Those damn kamikaze British.

  28. wow this is a surprise lol

  29. So, better to use a Japanese destroyer….

  30. PS talking about prem one’s only

  31. So the plan was:
    YOLO into the dock

  32. 2nd shitiest ship in the game number 1 is Albany

  33. Yes the first Ship which also sailed as the Dutch Navy!!

  34. Ahh…Jingles’s AP History lessons.

  35. I just come here for the story , tks Jingles :D

  36. ACTUALLY, Jingles, you’ll find the Wickes and Campeltown have same gun
    range, and- why can I hear a shotgun being cocked?

  37. love ur vids! u just got a sub bc, awesomeness

  38. ‫براہمداغ‬‎

    Why didn’t they place the gun turrets a bit higher above the decks?
    Enabling them to fire in 360 Degrees.

    Err….think of a joke…
    Jingle’s uploading times!

  40. love history time with uncle jingles!

  41. Jingles, what would you think of if you got the suicide modification of the
    Campbeltown destroyer? One that maybe can stay alive for quite a while even
    when all of its hit points are gone and that you would just try to ram the
    enemy battleships?

  42. you mean the HMS cameltoe hahahahaha

  43. jungles, have you heard of the a book series called Destroyermen, by Taylor

  44. IF this ship were a Premium CLEMSON with the same torpedoes as this
    Campbelltown – I would buy it, IMMEDIATELY!

    But this AWFUL piece of scrap! Seriously, people make fun of ships like the
    Murmansk and Mikhail Kutuzov for never having seen any real action. But had
    they seen action: They were FAR more fit for their roles and eras than the
    Campbelltown was for WW2!

    And JUST because a SHITTY ship happened to have performed some very
    OUTSTANDING service, does NOT mean said ship is a GOOD SHIP DESIGN!

  45. HMS Cameltoe :D

  46. The “USS Spain Premium Aircraft Carrier” is now leaked!!! Thank you jingles

  47. Absolutely outstanding vid Rear Admiral Jingles.

  48. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Oh look, a worse Clemson

  49. I watch the show that show famous raids of WW2 that talking the raid that
    Jingles is talking about

  50. She looks a tad like a clemson

  51. they did the raid in the tv show ww2s greatest raids.

  52. Campbeltown, for some reason, I keep hearing Cameltown :P

  53. Jingles: The Wakatake has 3 guns, all of which can be trained to a single
    target. Each gun has a max HE damage of 2000, compared to 1500 of the
    Campbelltown and the Wakatake has an 8% stock fire chance compared to just
    5% or 6%. The Wakatake can fire it’s guns out to 9.6km stock, a good deal
    farther than I remember the stats saying for the Campbelltown.

    The only thing that is truly WORSE about the Wakatake’s guns, is the rate
    of fire and rotation speed – but I would take those guns in a SECOND over
    the shitty max 2 guns on one target, no rear gun whatsoever layout the
    Campbelltown uses!

    And the SINGLE selling point is that she gets 7.5km torpedoes… Too bad
    her concealment isn’t as good as the Wakatake, Isokaze, and IIRC still
    slightly worse than the Minekaze/Fujin/Kamikaze!

    And those torpedoes? VERY slow, only 9k damage, AND just a single triple
    tube per side!

  54. Jingles god dammit the wickes and the campbeltown have the same range on
    their guns

  55. Give me some xcom 2 dammit,it has been 1 week+!!!!

  56. 125 views and no dislikes wow must be a new record!

  57. Time to Make a Joke! A Spanish captain was walking on his ship when a
    soldier rushes to him and exclaims, “An enemy ship is approaching us!” The
    captain replies calmly, “Go get my red shirt.” The soldier gets the shirt
    for the captain. The enemy ship comes in and heavy rounds of fire are
    exchanged. Finally, the Spaniards win. The soldier asks, “Congrats sir, but
    why the red shirt?” The captain replies, “If I got injured, my blood
    shouldn’t be seen, as I didn’t want my men to lose hope.” Just then,
    another soldier runs up and says, “Sir, we just spotted another twenty
    enemy ships!” The captain calmly replies, “Go bring my yellow pants.”

  58. Lets hope this doesn’t happen when wargaming unveil the british line of
    cruisers or destroyers.

  59. while Jingles was talking about the operation, what was the video that was

  60. Gus Davis (Major G)

    lol You brits got stiffed. USA! USA! USA!

    Is only joke

  61. “So what is it like in world of warships?”
    Ramming speed?

  62. finally ty wargaming

  63. Tommy Breitwieser

    Oppration chariot id vary slimmer the the raids on Zebruge and Ostend in
    world war one at i see the conestions but maybe thats me

  64. Omg I’m having a Flashback from Medal of honor European assault XD

  65. They finally let you release this vid jingles

  66. *squeeling intensifies*

  67. Hold on a second… HE USED THE DANK MEMES!!!

  68. Bloody hell, took you long enough 😛
    Well played at WoT finals though :D

  69. AT LAST

  70. ah, so campbeltown was among the old lendlease DDs the british got from the
    US in trade of the british giving the americans some old colonies, didnt
    know they renamed them, know the story of them since i did a paper of them
    some years back but.

  71. Love me some jingles

  72. Tommy Breitwieser

    if we have the town class destroyers do you think we will see the Town
    class Cruses such as the Belfast?

  73. I dont really see the point of a tier 3 premium ship if it costs any more
    than 5 euros…

  74. My mate was on HMS Campbeltown, F86 though not L42.

  75. Does any idea when the Royal Navy will be added into world of warships

  76. yay – Jingles video
    buuuuh – dad bloody boat game again
    yay – a british destroyer
    buuuuh – whatever ^^

  77. Damn, i have never been this early! Gotta come up with a joke!

    my life…

  78. Yes! history with jingles!!! haha

  79. TheAverageWotBlunicum #killstealer

    you didn’t fool me Jingles, I always check my sub box at this time.

    and then I (normally) wait another 3 hours playing Wot while waiting for
    your (usual) upload in the afternoon.

  80. FINALLY :P

  81. I’m early better make a joke..wows expedition match

  82. finally,ty wargaming! ;)

  83. At last we can see it ! Great vid Jingles!

  84. finally!!! I got a question for WoWs devs: Where da hood at?

  85. Aristotle Of Greece

    Guys I’ve escaped the salt mines, I’m now living in a barren wasteland the
    used to be Europe.

  86. ‫براہمداغ‬‎

    choo choo

  87. mitchell mccormack

    Well I’m here early and is the intro new it looks different and epic

  88. mitchell mccormack

    Well I’m here early and is the intro new it looks different and epic

  89. HOLY Sheit im dumb

  90. ayyyyyyyy lmaooooo

  91. bout damn time we saw this video!

  92. Third

  93. Third :)

  94. Sum Anonymous Person

    Twenty eith

  95. Nice video

  96. eyyyyyyy

  97. Second cuz jingles is first :/

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