World of Warships – HMS Cossack

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The Royal Navy Arc is here and you can now unlock missions to get the British tier 5, 6, 7 and 8 Destroyers for free. Since it’s a Tier 8 Premium you can’t get the Cossack, however. It may cost you as much as a dollar.

Yes, really.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Its that bloody ship game again

  2. I’m not one of the first three people that played the video, but I’m definitely here early

  3. Its that bloody Russian space simulator game again… o wait

  4. Samovar The Russian Water Boiler

    I’m just here to hear some seductive Englishman taking about ships and nonexistent stats.

  5. TheTog Landbattleship

    WG quit adding ships add the tog to wows to make the salt mine gnomes happy!

  6. I like watching Warships and it’s videos, but i have grown to hate playing it. The amount of grind required is just unfeasible for me to combine with a fulltime job. It’s almost as bad as an MMO. And anytime a game introduces even more fake currencies the gaming gods die a little more.

    • if you’re having trouble progressing in wows, since its a free game, and you arent cheap/broke, buy some premium time (preferably during a double exp weekend), equip some bonus exp camos/flags, plant your feet, and grind as much as you can over several days. It wont cost you mcuh for only several days of premium time and it can help immensely when you use your camos and flags.

    • Prisoner of the Highway

      SecondSince – grab a weekend pass for $4 bucks and play for fun. I stay at T6-7 for the most part. Less gimmicks to deal with and almost everyone knows enough to not absolutely potato.

    • Eh, I don’t have a lot of time to play, either, but I don’t worry about grinding out tiers. I’ve got one Tier VI in the British line, all the other trees are in the 3-4-5 range. When I play, I often just pick a ship that I’ve had fun with. Love those armored cruisers – something about them just seems more fun to me than the Dreadnaught-style all-big-gun style ships. When I want to have some high tier entertainment, I wait for the Public Test server to be available.

    • Well, wows is an mmo.

    • The grind in this game is the easiest of any I’ve played thus far… Only credits are slightly hard to get if you don’t have a good premium ship.

  7. Polish the service Silver & cutlery – Rear Admiral Jingles is coming aboard.

  8. Having trouble sleeping and then you do this. Heck.

  9. Matheus Rondel Leite

    11:33 actually Jingles,that’s not a Tirpitz. It’s a Bismarck

  10. Another 2 weeks of only WoWs content incoming

  11. 11:30: That Tirpitz on your team that sailed in to use your smoke screen looks an awful lot like a Bismarck. You can tell by the way that it says, “Bismarck” above it.

    Jingles, never change.

  12. Did anyone notice the sailor polishing his torpedo

  13. The other British carrier hit was HMS Formidable, Jingles. My grandad’s ship. And if that British task force didn’t come to the pacific to help against the Japanese, well, I wouldn’t be Australian. 😉

    • He fell in love with Perth during a stop-over, and after the war he moved here with his wife and three kids, one of which was my 3-year-old mum. 😉

    • You beat me to it, I was about to write my own comment about HMS Formidable, my Grandfather also served on her second tour right up till the end of the war in the far east.

    • ‘He fell in love with Perth’…….. now i know your lying through your teeth. /s

    • I don’t know if you have read it but Alarm Starboard by Geoffrey Brooke ends up on HMS Formidible. Love the American observers reply to the argument on British armoured decks after a Kamikaze attack. ‘Sir there honey’.
      Respect to your Grandad.

    • Robert Hampton Gray flew from the Formidable and was the last Canadian recipient of the VC of WW II. On August 9, 1945, he sank the escort ship Amakusa with a 500 lb bomb in Onagawa Bay. Immediately after his attack run, his Corsair crashed into the Bay. His remains were never recovered.

  14. I’d buy that for a dollar!

  15. 15:35 Eh, we should have known better. Trying to maintain our neutrality when the great powers go at it has never worked well for Scandinavia. For instance, it’s the reason why Norway changed hands from Denmark to Sweden. (Bit of a long story, but the short version is that when Russia promised Sweden Norway in return for Sweden’s help with something or other, no one liked Denmark enough to intervene on their behalf.)
    Edit: I think it was Russia anyway, though the king of Sweden at the time was a former French general because apparently they decided that was a good idea after the old king died without heirs, this was during one of the Napoleonic wars.

    • I don’t doubt that, I’m just saying that we should have thrown our lot in with the allies as soon as it became clear that the Germans didn’t give a damn about neutrality. If our army was actually mobilized and had British support, we might have been able to hold out a lot longer.

    • No. Technically Germany wasn’t violating maritime neutrality even though yes, as Jingles said, it was helping the German war effort. Britain violated Norway’s neutrality blatantly and I might add not the first time Britain has broken maritime laws to get what it wanted. Jingles has very cleverly changed the wording so it sounds like Germany were the ones breaking maritime law and Britain simply responded. It might be a technicality but what Germany did was still within the guide lines of written maritime law at the time, what Britain did was not. The whole event is a major reason why Hitler moved on Norway. He knew that Norway’s neutrality would not be an obstacle that Britain would abide and Britain would violate any and all laws to see its war effort go unhindered so Hitler, as he saw it had no choice but to secure his sea lines and supply lines through Norway by invading it. Britain had proven their hypocrisy and penchant for breaking international laws on many occasions when it suited them. Hitler decided to take that obstacle away permanently.

    • Norway was doing quite good, at Trondheim, they manged to slow the Germans quite good down, and was holding them. But there come an reinforcement from UK, a unit with machine guns, something Norway didn’t have, they got the task to hold one area, while the Norwegians hold rest…. what the Germans did, was going right true the Brits… sadly.

      But we had a secret weapon in Norway, it’s called: Alta Battalion of the 6th Division, was a battalion to recon with. In that time period the unit was active until the ceasefire come in to action. what the battalion did, was basically totally defeating the Germans in any battle. As an German General commented, after the ceasefire come in to action: After the conclusion of the campaign Eduard Dietl commented that at the time of the Norwegian capitulation his forces would have been able to hold out for only another 24 to 48 hours, after which they would have had to abandon the entire Narvik front and cross into Sweden.

      This Battalion sounds like something out of a movie, with the perfect sad ending to it, that can have a 5 years later ending.. easily could be among the best war movies, of an battalion fighting in the mountains with Heroes everywhere:

      so if Alta battalion performed like that, how would the war have looked like if Norway was fully mobilized… and question we will never get a chance to find out.

    • Never forget that the British were in fact in the process of executing Operation Wilfred which was intended to provoke Germany into military action by mining Norwegian waters. Then Plan R4, an invasion of Narvik and into Sweden would be carried out, but only after German military action was assured.

      So Norway was fucked regardless of her actions. And while the Norwegian government were less than supportive of the British mining their waters on the 8th of April (in fact the diplomatic tone was quite serious and Norway demanded the minefield’s immediate removal), German forces were already on the way, effectively because they had pretty much guessed the British intentions. Had Germany not intended to invade, it seems the British plan would have dragged Norway in, no matter her own positions.

      I think we can all agree that Nazi Germany wasn’t really someone you could trust very far, and certainly when given a choice, we should hopefully all pick Britain of that day. However that doesn’t mean Britain didn’t play a very dirty game here, and twice violated a nation’s neutrality, once with the intention of forcing said neutral nation into war with Germany.

    • …I was referring to when Germany bulldozed a couple of neutral countries to get to France. Jingles was very clear that Germany probably didn’t violate Norways neutrality.

      Anyway, I’m not saying we should have sided with the Allies because they were automatically the good guys or anything, they considered invading Norway too. It’s just that Germany beat them to it. No, I’m saying we should have sided with the Allies because trying to maintain your neutrality in a world war if you’re anyone other than Switzerland typically doesn’t work out. I severely doubt Germany was ever going to leave Norway alone.

  16. Long torpedo reload time, high ballistic arc, short duration smoke, slow. But costs a dollar!

  17. Well. While all of USN CV doesn’t have armored flight deck for tanking hit, I….. don’t think it’s a problem much, since they have 24 of them. So when one of them are out, just direct it to port and call another. 😉

    • The USN was perfectly aware of the pros and cons of armored flight decks. They made a decision to do what they did for both reasons of ease of repair and aircraft capacity. When proposed designs for future CVs hit 40k+ tons, then they went with the armored flight deck since it was now a structural member, instead of just a flight deck. One of the large cons of armored flight decks was cumulative hull distortion. It was more difficult to repair; by the end of the war several of the British CVs were essentially unserviceable due to hull distortion from battle damage and it was deemed uneconomic to repair them.

    • That’s the plan!
      (It worked, didn’t it?)

    • +GenralMajors Indeed. 😉
      Afterall, who’s running out of resource first will be the loser.

  18. It was my honour and privilege to die for you Jingles. I did try to thread the needle on those torps but all that focus fire from T10 ships meant it only took the one torp to finish me off. You did extremely well in the Cossack especially for your first game in her.

  19. and then you promised us Heavy reinforcements to help stop the invasion, and sent us one unit of territorials with one boys and two bren. and one light mortar equipped only with smoke. poor buggers were overrun pretty much same day they arrived.
    wasnt untill general Ruge threatened the surrender of the Norwegian army that French polish and British troops arrived to help retake narvik. after shelling the city because British intelligence conviced the royal navy there were no civilians living in the city….
    and then france fell.
    and everyone buggered off again.

    if you can find a subtitled Version of the NRK miniseries “alliert og alene” (Allied and alone)
    its a band of brothers style series documenting the fall of norway. interviews with survivors and all. including one of those poor British territorials.

    • Well we tried our best to help you throughout the rest of the Occupation – we must have done something worthy – you send us a Christmas Tree every year as a thank you :-). This is as opposed to the French, who bitterly resent that they had to be liberated by any ‘Rosbif’s’ and have sulked about it ever since 1944! They don’t mind “Les Amis”, as they regard their help as payback for helping the rebellious colonists gain independence from the UK in 1776.

    • It’s hard to stay mad at your brother 🙂

  20. You might think that the Cossack might be a controversial ship in Norway, or even seen as a ship that caused Norway to ultimately be invaded by Nazi-Germany.
    Cossack being controversial in Norway? That couldn’t be further from the truth.
    While at the time it caused a lot of fuss, and was used by the nazis as an exuse to invade Norway (and for some reason also Danmark), they could have used just about any excuse, and the main reason to invade would still be to control the Iron ore transport to germany. They could even have said someone looked at Hitler in a funny way being reason enough.
    The Altmark incident actually boosted resistance against nazi occupation, and the actions of captain Vian and his crew seen as the decent ting to do against tyranny and oppression.
    It gave name to the Word “Jøssing”. (ø is pronounced as ‘ea’ would be in “early”)
    this was the name of the anti-nazis during the war, originally used as a swear-word by the nazis against pro-british norwegians, but instead became a popular name by the resistance. The word was eventually banned by the man who invented it in the first place, Vidkun Quisling. His name also became famous, but not in a good way…
    The Cossack is a famous historical ship in Norway, the Altmark incident is thaught at schools as a part of the mandatory curriculum.
    I remember I was impressed by the daring and skill the royal navy showed by this and other naval encounters, like the Warspite in the second battle of Narvik.
    It might have been awkward for the norwegian authorities at the time, but as soon as the occupation began this incident became a positive and morale boosting event. Someone dared standing against Hitler and his forces and show that freedom and liberty where going to win against hatred and tyrany.
    Cossack is a very welcome addition to World of Warships, I have been waiting for it for a long time. Finally this historic ship has arrived!

    and the Tirpitz is a Bismarck! 😀

    Erik Aukan

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