World of Warships: HMS DREADNOUGHT, British Tier-3, Premium Battleship

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If you are here expert gameplay or tips on how to be a better World of Warships player, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE! I am an average to below average player, making mistakes, stumbling along just like most players. These videos are NOT average games for me, they are, for the most part my best games, mistakes and all. I hope you enjoy them.
In this World of Warships video, I set sail in The HMS DREADNOUGHT, British Tier-3, Premium Battleship.
Fellow Tubers , I could really use your in growing this channel. Also feel free to leave some comments, I would love to hear from you.


  1. How can Dreadnought has no AA while it’s the sister ship of Bellerophon? They need to change this, especially that there’s a lot of carriers on lower tiers, sometimes 2 per team in a battle…

    • When the Dreadnought was first conceived, aircraft was not a major factor in War. At least the model in Wows is accurate to the point.

  2. “YAWN”!!!!!

  3. It must’ve suck to be the guy up in the com tower. Ends up with black lung ???

  4. Have it, only played 1 battle in it. Dispersion was wild, several times had a CL in my sights, aim was spot on, but the shells went everywhere but the target.

    But that’s sort of expected for a T3 BB. But I haven’t seen it do that so…consistently. Maybe RNGjesus frowned on me for that battle.

    • Richard Strickland
      Yea, you never know how much the gunners have had to drink. I have also had games where I couldn’t hit anything. One game during testing. I deleted 2 cruisers just like the Caledon. I have found that at this tier if you can catch them angling a little to much (maybe turning) you can really punish them.

  5. haha, another classic “close only counts on horseshoes and hand-grenades”

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