World of Warships – HMS Dreadnought testing

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  1. I’m was really excited for this ship. However, I checked some stats, and there really isn’t much difference between this ship and her tech tree counter-part Bellerophon. The only noticeable thing I found was Dreadnought has no AA but has a few more secondaries.

  2. I’m not sure why the transitions in the testing potion of the video went to black instead of a screen fade. That must have happened during the rendering/exporting of the video. Because it did not do that during editing. I apologize.

  3. Alexandre Hans Albert

    You should have turn right, instead of left. It will have let you your gun to decimate that cruiser, avoid that island and get away from those 3 others ships. I don’t think you team abandon you, they just stay where they were while you go foward.

    • Plus It’s usually better to turn the whole ship that switch your turrets from one side to another. Kinda what you have to do with low-tier BB’s

  4. Dispersion = no, pass

    • All low tier BBs suck with dispersion. It’s a miracle newbies learn to aim playing BBs in this game.
      I hope it’s secondaries are decent enough, because defense-wise Dreadnought does not have lots of “Dread” here.

  5. Looks fun

  6. how is your pup doing he is a cute dog !

  7. So another BB for potatoes

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