World of Warships // HMS Emerald / “Dogs of the sea”

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It’s pretty terrible, but somehow I can’t help but play it every so often anyway.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. tiers 5 and 6 is the sweet spot.

  2. Good game

  3. I also hated the Emerald when I grinded through it the first time – but I sometimes go back to it. It’s a challenging ship – but T5 is still a fun tier, as long as MM favours you (which is to say: no T7, no double CV games).

  4. Originally, I thought Königsberg is the worst tier V cruiser I’ve ever played.

    But then I played the Emerald. Oh God, what a floating turd… a glass cannon without the cannon part. Königsberg at least has solid guns with good range and great AP for its calibre.

  5. I thought the emerald was bad, then I tried the Belfast 1943 at tier 8 that ship is miserable

  6. Thought you were going to end up with 10k early in that vid 😉

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