World of Warships: HMS Hood Might Be Amazing?!

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I did not know Hood had improved pen angles. This actually makes her pretty good against cruisers!

0:00 Game
14:12 End Screen
15:55 Commander Skills & Upgrades
17:14 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 7 Royal Navy battleship HMS Hood.


  1. Why hello Aerroon first view first coment

  2. I wish the teams i face would give me broadsides like this

  3. You uploading makes my day 😁

  4. Aerroon in the hood

  5. Where’s the Bismarck Aerroon? I’m disappointed…. but your vid is good as always. Also, the ship motto is Ventis Secundis which roughly translate to as “With Favourable Wind”. One of my favourite ship from history and waifu in AL xD

  6. Yeah you won’t get citadeled in the Hood, unless you are getting shot by a Bismarck.

  7. Hood is good, but I feel that she lacks a lot of threat for a BB. She’s great at kiting tho.

  8. I haven’t played Hood in ages and yeah, she’s a decent ship, Just the guns lack penetration but they do have improved pen angles for the AP which is nice.
    Yeah I quite like playing it

  9. Did you know that Hood had improved autobounce angles?

    • how do autobounce angles work?

    • ​ @Arman Sagmanligil It’s the extreme angle that the shell will always ricochet regardless of penetration as long as it’s not overmatching the armor.
      So having the shell’s autobounce angle “improved” , means you have to angle more against it to make that 100% bounce happen.

    • @Arman Sagmanligil it works like this, every shell in the game will always attempt to penetrate armour at 90 degrees or a ‘T’ kind of angle. Now as you start to move the angle from side to side you change the angle of incidence or the the angle the shell is at relative to the armour. The steeper the angle becomes the more armour the shell will have to penetrate, this is why angling is effective. Auto-bounce angles are the angle at which a shell is guaranteed to bounce regardless of penetration. Hence the abbreviation automatic-bounce or auto-bounce. For almost all shells in the game auto bounce check (the random rolling of RNG to see if the shell will bounce or not) starts at an angle of 45 degrees and goes to 60 degrees. The chance of bouncing increase as you increase the angle of incidence ie the chance of auto bouncing is low at 45 degrees compared to 60. Anything beyond 60 degrees will always bounce no questions asked.

      Certain ships though have “improved auto bounce angles” or in other words they don’t start their check at 45 or end at 60. These ships include the following.
      Russia 55-65 degree auto-bounce angles
      – Stalingrad
      – T8 or higher Russian tech tree heavy cruisers

      America 60-67 degree auto-bounce angles
      – T8+ Heavy cruisers DM, Buffalo, Balti
      – T6+7 Pepsi and New Orleans have slightly improved auto bounce angles 55-65 degrees

      Light cruisers 70-71 degree auto-bounce angles
      T2-T10 have improved pen angles
      Battleships 60-67 degree auto-bounce angles (same as Des Moines)
      – Hood
      – Duke of York.

      Italian SAP (Semi armour-piercing)
      67-70? Something around there (idk remember off the top of my head)

      Hope this helps!

    • I did not know, i always thought this ship is worthless. You nicely demonstrated the improved autobounce angles on that Furutaka i think👍

  10. NOOOO your rear turrets could have shot that Hawkins D:

  11. Fraxxxi and Maxxxi

    oh goodness. that futuraka dev strike was so filthy it made me literally lean back on my chair and close my eyes for a moment. disgusting. do it again.

  12. I watched you cronch that Furutaka 3 times. It didn’t get old.

  13. Hood *might* be amazing. If you want guaranteed amazing, take Soyuz for a Cruise.

  14. I died when you said most of your team decided to hide underwater. 😂 😂 😂 😂

  15. Well, meh, I have a bad feeling about that Hood; call me a pessimist, but I guess that she will blow up in your face…

  16. This is amazing timing. I have just been binge watching documentaries on HMS Hood and her discovery then the subsequent retrieval of her ships bell. Very interesting history and well worth the watch.

  17. “however everyone on this side has decided to hide under the water” – Aeroon 2020

    • I’ve charged caps in a cruiser thinking I was in a DD before… maybe they all thought they were on the submarine test server.

  18. real question being why doesnt iowas su[per ap have improved angles, it had them irl along with a great fuse made the ammo good against any ship or land target

    • The game doesn’t care about real life…just balance. The Russians irl had no battleships completed after 1917. The Germans no battleships after Tirpitz, and no carriers at all.

  19. Love playing my Hood. I’m no good in it, but always have an enjoyable game.

  20. Awe shucks, you are going to make me blush.

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