World of Warships – HMS Repulse

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The Christmas Dockyard event is out, leading to the utterly terrible HMS Marlborough which is a tier 9 battleship with guns that aren’t even as good as those on the tier 5 USS New York. Halfway to this tier 9 turd, however, you can get the extremely nice tier 6 HMS Repulse.

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  1. “And that is what the Repulse do”

    I see, someone enjoys a certain nature-themed comedian.

  2. Out for less than a day and someone has already done ridiculously well in this ship XD Nice.

    Will Repulse only be available in the dockyard event or will she go into the Armoury after?

    • Back in the days when they introduced Czech meds in WoT, someone had T10 in few hours after update. I Calculated estimated free xp was around 600tk, and ofcourse atleast 6 million credits.

    • @Tero T Maybe they were just *really… REALLY* good… then again probably not…

  3. 80 years ago on this day, HMS Repulse was lost in action, may the ship and her crew Rest in Peace

    • @Johnny English Pre-atomic steel and other metals (pre-atomic lead is particularly valuable) is useful because it was smelted before the insertion into the atmosphere of radioactive isotopes (fission products, essentially) as a consequence of atmospheric nuclear testing. It’s the incorporation of these isotopes into the metal via smelting that causes the issues, principally with very sensitive equipment (as you point out, MRIs, nuclear magnetic resonance systems, etc.). Induced radiation in metals, e.g., by neutrons or other particles, generally only happens close to a very high-intensity radioactive source, like reactor cores or ground zero. Ore deposits underground are unaffected by atmospheric isotopes, at least until you mine the ore and then smelt it. Lots of good articles out there, it’s a fascinating subject.

    • Sad the graverobbers didn’t give a shit about that.

    • So say we all!

    • @Donald Neill It’s not that. It’s changes in the smelting process using radioactive materials.

  4. Man it’s been years since we have seen sniper. I remember jingles googled his name and found window frames. And his video was great as well

  5. Her last captain William Tennant was quite an impressive sailor as well, took part in the high level, organised evacuations at Dunkirk, chased zee germans around and set up the Mulberry Harbours at Normandy. He might have lost the Repulse but at the day and age, its not exactly an unremarkable event with the substandard AA and heavy Airpower being thrown around

    • @The Hippy Griff yeah considering only arizona was a permanent sinking and that was more due to all the sailors still trapped inside making it a significant war grave all the rest were back in action by the end of the war and for the Americans they could afford the money, time and resources to fix them (and tbh they probs could’ve just built a load of new ones if they had been sunk at sea). Pearl harbour was really a tactical victory for the allies, it’s main consequence was America joining the war and ensuring they would want payback.

    • @leo de salis Fixing them wasn’t as easy as you make it sound. Particularly because docking space large enough for the BBs was limited and also had to be used for other large vessels operating in the area like the CV task groups. Also getting them actually off the ground could be difficult.
      But yeah, at least it was possible and the Americans managed it remarkably well.
      Building new BBs would have taken far longer but at the time the Navy realized that the age of the BB was coming to a close and building many new ones wasn’t worth it.
      They also had the option of transferring some from the Atlantic as they weren’t exactly needed over there.

    • @leo de salis Actually, a couple weren’t repaired. Some were scrapped because even though they *could* have been repaired, it wasn’t worth the effort due to the ships being so old that even with upgrades they were too far behind the curve anyway.

    • @Kal Taron The raising and repair that the yanks did at Pearl is to put it succinctly- Herculean.
      Somehow they managed to move that much metal in some appalling conditions still boggles the mind, you’re dealing with UXB, dead people, fuel oil and god only knows what other nastiness was floating around. The divers who went into that nightmare are some special kind of men.

    • @Kris Steel Yeah, it was pretty impressive and certainly not the outcome the Japanese expected.
      I’m not sure UXBs were much of an issue but the rest is already exciting enough. Just all the smoke and heat from the burning oil must have made it hell.

  6. Jingles completely misses the fact repulse has a 9 inch main belt and a 6 inch upper belt. The 6 inch isnt the main belt XD but i suppose just jingles being jingles.

  7. I come from Malaysia (formerly Malaya) and I always took a keen liking to ships that have a certain history to my country, thanks for today’s video jingles

  8. Oh wow, 80 years on the day! Nice choice of video and ship Jingles.

  9. These are the videos I miss, Jingles. History and gameplay. I could listen to your lectures for hours

  10. “The best defense against heavy guns is a lightly armored, quick ship”

  11. HMS Repulse and PoW was indeed sunk off Malaya, however their escorts were not. They rescued a majority of the crew from the two capital ships.

  12. Santa’s mega containers have been underwhelming so far… I got three of those – and it was just special flags, 30 per. These are nice, but some kind of a ship – or a bunch of gold – would’ve been nicer. I might be able to grind enough tokens before the event ends for one more mega container… Expecting more flags, though )))

  13. I really felt for the guy in the game chat who said historical interest in ships like HMS Repulse is what got him into this game to begin with

    Me too bro, me too… Then WG pushed me away from it…

  14. Royal Navy has some absolutely bad ass names for their ships.
    Doesn’t hurt Repulse is beautiful to look at.

  15. Technically there is actually one heavy cruiser in the Repulse’s MM bracket that can overmatch its bow with AP….the Cheshire.

  16. For a tier 6 it’s enormous though. The Andrea Doria is 550ft and the repulse is 790.

  17. I remember playing a mission in Battlestations Midway where I was the Fuso. I had fought nothing but cruisers and destroyers and then the Repulse came around the corner. Nearly shat myself.

  18. With the HMS Marlborough, you got to look beyond random battles. I see it as a port queen (Co-Op), for Anniversary/Christmas crates only. Getting 75 free steel is not bad. And FYI I have many port queens (Krasny Kyrm, Monaghan, Duca D’Aosta, Anshan, Genova, etc.). Granted I am not going to pay money for HMS Marlborough, however if someone tosses it to me, I won’t turn it down.

  19. Yes it really reminds me of the Gneisenau, very good ship if played properly
    Also God Bless the sailors lost 80 years ago on the HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales
    Never forget the ultimate sacrifice that gave us our freedom! o7

  20. Started playing WoW because of these videos, had fun for awhile until I realized I was no longer allowed to have fun unless I started paying money. The final straw was getting half my battleship HP melted by carriers a minute into the battle with no counterplay while the enemy player taunted me.

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