World of Warships – HMS Unpronounceable

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How do you pronounce the name of this thing anyway?

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  1. The gnome lord is here again! Thank you Jingles! And we shall never forget Eddie.

  2. I do like how the Navy used to name its ships, Indifatigable, Conqueror etc…

  3. Aye, you’re pronouncing it correctly. Carry on, sir.

    • That’s how I’ve always pronounced it, so at least you’re matching the American pronunciation. Not that American and English are the same language 😊.

    • Aw fuck. Always thought it was arrr, ya know the other way

  4. Once upon a time, the Yamato had the biggest guns in the game but got hit with power creep. Where does Wargaming go to power creep this thing? 750mm guns?

  5. somebody needs to teach some players that the shift button exist

  6. To me the idea of calling it incomparable is incomparable 😉

  7. LMAO at Jingles being worried about pronouncing the ship’s name wrong. If he gets the name of the ship correct, he’s already batting above average!

  8. The bane of ranked is that many players who normally almost exclusively play random battles from the back of the map do not realise that ranked battles requires you to use your brawling skills or your team will lose. The Ohio didn’t single handedly lose the game for his team, however he made sure that weaker ships on his team took more hits early on as he was not available as a target for most of the game, this made a difference. He also did not have targets to fire at at all times due to the islands blocking line of sight lowering the damage he did in the game. The only reason to be hiding from combat in ranked is if you have lost most of your health and are just trying to survive so as not to cost your team points with your sinking. For players who say the ship they play in ranked is not suited to brawling, you are playing the wrong ship, that is your fault and it will hurt your team’s chances of winning, and yes I am talking to you yoshino players.

  9. HMS Unpronounceable, what a meme of a ship. ❤

  10. Baelathwyn here. So proud to be finally featured! HMS However-the-Hell-You-Pronounce-It is not always the best choice in ranked but in that one game it worked really, really well. To be fair, I could have killed the Ohio a lot quicker but hey – it is what it is. Thank you for bearing with me!

    • Great Match Dude !
      But please,PLEASE use the Shift Key, it is horrible to watch. And youre wasting ingame so much time with rolling your Mousewheel.

    • Good job Captain

    • Pls use the shift key

    • ​@Phobos1083 This never seizes to amaze me. Does it occasionally save time? Yes, a fraction of a second. Does it make any other difference? No, it doesn’t. People featured in these replays don’t play for others to watch, so why would you even complain about it? If it bothers you you should complain about it to Jingles for featuring people not using shift. Grow up. I personally started using shift more because it feels smoother, but I couldn’t care less what others do.

    • @H4FF  Actually you’re wasting 1-2 seconds which are very crucial in a pinch. Also yes, some people don’t plan to be watched or hope to be featured by Jingles but that isn’t the point. Also the man was being very nice and even congratulating him on his battle (which is more than what I would or even did say).
      Also if you’re telling someone to grow up after that same person complimented the man and then gave some advice then I think you’re the problem here.

  11. I’ve always just pronounced it incomparable.

  12. Jingles it’s in the interface options menu if you want to see the full details without pressing alt.

  13. Jingles mastery of his native language is beyond compare. You could say his talent is incomparable

  14. I’ve been pronouncing it In-COM-parable my entire life and I am quite long in the tooth.
    I had never heard anyone at all pronounce it Incom-PEAR-able until this video. I have used it in speech in the real world quite often and have never had anyone tell me to pronounce it weirdly!

  15. I feel Jingles missed a chance to call the ship the Incomprehensible

  16. Jingles moment. He actually manages to pronounce something correctly first time then proceeds to doubt himself.

  17. “Indefatigable” always gave me far more issues than Incomparable, when it came to ship names. While I don’t otherwise use the latter very much, it’s still more than the former of those two.

  18. Jingles and the English language go together like peanut butter and jelly 😂😂

  19. On a quick note (as an English Lit major) it is ‘In-compar-able’ if used as an adjective, and ‘In-comp-rable’ if used as a noun. Since it is the name of a ship, it is also a noun and thus pronounced accordingly.

  20. As a translator English – Dutch – German with English being my fourth language, I can confirm your first pronounciation is the correct one Jingles 😀

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