World of Warships – HMS Unsinkable

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Ladies and Gentlemen pls allow me to present you the HMS Unsinkable aka Warspite
The ship you all know very well…or do you xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. It was a pleasure playing with you, cheers from the Amagi player! It was my damage record game as well until I broke it 2 days ago.

    P.S. I have been waiting all this time to see myself on YouTube o.o

  2. *Constantly checking video time*

  3. 2 mins in no one spotted. If that was me I’d suddenly get pincered by 4 DDs. ._.

  4. *Flambass* –
    Thank you for reminding us — that this game can be played just for the sheer fun of it.

  5. By the way 2 times in that game your Ship structure wasn’t more than the floating capability of a swimming pool. Simply entertaining

  6. Ok, now when are they adding the WD-40 to the Queen Elizabeth?

  7. Plz watch the prepubescent pitches at volume.

  8. idk if I am imagining things but it seems like since the last patch, citadeling fully broadside cruisers got a lot harder. I can’t count how many salvos I fired on fully broadside targets to only get some over-pens. Watching Flambass having the same issue got me some comfort (that my shooting isn’t bad and it is in fact the rngesus) but it also got me some discomfort as there is nothing I can really do about it.

    So to sum things up: last patch improved the HE meta and made it possible for BOTH IJN DD lines to burn you down. It also improved accuracy on IJN CAs to allow them to burn you down even faster. And they made it much more difficult for BBs to kill these CAs even when they are presenting the flat broadside for minutes. Good job WG, keep screwing up BBs even more.

    EDIT: CAs that angle should be rewarded and CAs that don’t should be punished way more effectively. Currently, it’s way easier to citadel CAs by overmatching their bow armor or when they are angled than it is when they are flat broadside. I scored 2 citadels on an angled DM with GK from 15km away as he was reversing. And failed to score any citadels with 4 salvos on flat broadside Worcester 6km away.

    The game currently seems to punish skilled play and reward stupid play. Angled CAs should be MUCH harder to kill than broadside ones, not the other way around.

    WG pls make the game less RNG dependent and make it more SKILL dependent 🙂

    • fucking BB mongoloid mouth breathing crymonkey, how about you git gud instead?

      Whaaa whaaaa BB’s weak need buffs whaaa whaaaa nerf HE dmg whaaa whaaaa fires broken whaaaa whaaaaaaa …. also, what is repair party?

    • +SpartiuS94 HMS Barham, 3 torps fired, 3 hits, ship sank in 30 seconds? Yeah, realism right, BBaby should die from 3 torps, not shrug it off, repair and heal part of the damage… because ‘realism’…..


      So funny… BB’s camp because they are weak…. whaaahahahahahaahhaha

    • +Marvin Westmaas you do realize you are the only one in this proximity that’s actually using crybaby terms, don’t you?

      Btw, I got ~70% WR with my GK and over 100k damage on average.

    • +Marvin Westmaas Also, HMS Barham is 1913 BB and was sunk by a submarine, not a DD. Also, Yamato was struck by at least 11 torpedoes and 6 bombs before she was sunk. These are what they think as confirmed hits. These attacks were conducted by aircraft, not DDs. So no, DDs were not as effective in dealing torpedo damage as the game depicts.

      Btw, if you have some brain you will understand my argument clearly stated that WoW is not a realism game nor should it be. It’s an arcade game and I have clearly said that DDs should not be blown off with 1-2 AP shells. Yet you are the one mentioning realism examples to defend a point against BBs while ignoring realism when it comes to DDs.. You can’t choose one and ignore the other…

      And yes, the current meta is very much anti-BB. I never complained about torpedoes as they mainly tell the difference between good and bad BB players. I spotted over 30 Shima torpedoes in my GK in 1 single game and I only took one on the nose and survived the game. Torpedoes shouldn’t change and no one is saying they should. However, HE spam should. Again, this isn’t realism game, it’s arcade. And HE spam is just ugly for everyone, not just BBs. It’s just that BBs suffer most from it…

      Anyway, I do not expect you to have any brain and your next comment will probably be “whaa whaa” because that’s really all you’re good at.

    • +N00T Look, the only main difference this change should make is that the amount of hits counts more than a random shell arming and dealing pen damage when it shouldn’t. You can still utterly fuck a DD by landing 5+ shells on them, just no more 1 hit 5k dmg scenarios. With the overabundance of radar on high tiers, doing well in a DD is already hard enough even before you start factoring in RNG. However I wish ideally that this 10% dmg limiter shouldn’t work on ranges of <10kms as the change was originally supposed to be there for the random long range hits that just blap a DD out of nowhere

  9. So many tools.

    But the “not detected” guy at least was funny. As if the shells fired at you would wear off track just because you are not longer detected…

    • To be fair, he had no way of knowing how long Flambass’s shells were in the air, and he had been undetected for several seconds… hard to tell if shots fired at you are fired blind/x marks the spot, or were just fired right before you go into concealment, under the circumstances. And blind fire or not, it was damned unlucky for the poor guy 😛

    • Marinary Yes definitely unlucky for him – Warspite fires 8 shells, 8 shells hit and do damage at range

  10. First things first. I dont do stream sniping, my internet is so bad my ping would go upto 400ms +, I only have one monitor. Flambass so you played a game yesterday in your Fletcher, I was in the Jean Bart. You got spotted by our DD then reversed, you spotted me then I became undetected. Then you popped out spotting me, I knew this because I became detected, so I fired BLIND got a hit, I was still detected and knew you would fire torps. Simple, it’s not rocket science! Then you went and smoked and fired from smoke, omg it isnt hard to shoot someone in smoke!! I dont care what ppl say about my stats, whatever but the steam snipping shit, that got me triggered. If I was stream sniping why didnt I kill you then??

  11. Don’t forget…if your team is dumb, Red can always be dumber O_o

  12. flambass you have to sent this one to Mighty Jingels

  13. When u realise the one secondaries hit scored a kill

  14. Warspite A.K.A the original HMS Zombie at it’s best LOL

  15. “I can rearrange your hp as well” lmao <3

  16. I love the Warspite! She can take a licking and keep on ticking!!!

    • The real Warspite was much better than the ingame one. 150 holes drilled into her by German Fleet at Jutland ans still survived to serve for 30 more years.

  17. I think Ocean is the only hope of rescuing this pathetic excuse for a game. It’s gotten so bad that spotting is accidental, teamwork is nonexistent, and fun is dependant on RNG…ie, it almost never happens.

  18. Don’t feel bad Flambass, my experience of late with BBs is similar. 50% or more of shells doing little or no damage at all. But then someone hits your mast with 1 HE shell and you’re on fire. In one particularly ugly Montana game, I had 42 hits with 39k damage. Next game, suddenly…….189k. Its that kind of thing that will probably be the end of this game for me. Its not what I’m doing, its what RNG feels like letting me do.

  19. This game used to be great, that being said it has gone to complete shit.

  20. “2 pens and 2 over pens for 2K damage” comment stuck with me, not sure why but I seem to be getting far far more 0 damage penetrations since the last patch. I am getting multiple per game rather than about 1 a game before, not sure if they changed something to try or it is just one of those human brain things about finding patterns that are not there 🙂

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