World of Warships: HMS Vanguard Preview

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Preview of the new British Vanguard. She’s pretty good right now. Her maneuverability makes her a good ship. She often feels like playing a .

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 British battleship Vanguard.

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  1. Here’s to hoping that British Tridents aren’t special in some way in these numbers.

  2. Well the moment i saw the add on me phone i bought it.

    Honestly shes the only ship that actually feels like a BC.

  3. I mean what type of tea break isn’t permanent!!

  4. Looks to be a very good BB for T8…

  5. I really like it for the fact of the accurate guns. They don’t do too much at T10 but at least I can try. Once I approached the eastern cap on shatter I believe and a udaloi shot ALL medium range AA off me. Still like her a lot.

  6. its only good cause the CV dont know it

  7. This ship ap won’t work for me*/ but I can say for sure this ship know how to stay afloat 🙂

  8. It seems like a decent ship but they are setting the price point too high on their ship bundles as of late.

  9. Have always thought they ought to allow a proportion of AA mounts to be brought back in service as you repair.
    Hard to know what sort of balance shit sandwich the CV WoWP rework will create, but as someone who played through Alpha then closed and open Betas can’t say I’d miss the RTS version.
    Biggest things against this ship are the hilarious price and bundling and the awful MM system.
    80 bucks? You kidding? More than the price of a good stand-alone game.

    • Exposed and Open-top AA mounts would be demolsihed is it gets hit with a shell or bomb. There is no way to repair it. I think thats the way WG approached it.

    • +zam023
      C’mon zam, you’ve been around here long enough to know claims to ‘reality’ are silly when it comes to the game. I agree as to the truth of your statement re them getting wrecked, but we’re speaking about mechanics and how they affect the game, not reality. My view is HE spam that also trashes your AA is just another reasons BBs can give for not wanting to expose themselves to being shot at. If they could recover some AA, that might mitigate it.
      Just putting the idea out there.

  10. The small calibre kills it. I’m sick of the French and Brits and even the Bismarck with their 15” guns. Too often up against tier X’s.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      The problem is on the current MM meta. The T6 ships are already curbstomped by the Big 7 Ships at T7 (Nagato, Colorado, Nelson). Giving T8 BBs bigger guns would completely destroy the balance if they are on the top of the battle lineups.

    • It’s not the calibre or the guns. It’s the matchmaking where Tier VIIIs are facing Tier X. The gaps between Tier VIII ships and the Tier IX and then X is too huge, they shouldn’t be in there. The entire matchup is broken – Tier X cruisers can out-duel this thing in a straight brawl because of overmatch mechanics and relative HE effects. 15″ is perfectly good against ships of its own tier range, however.

    • Theta_Sigma Until they change the MM, I’ll stick to 406+ caibre BB’s.

  11. Vanguard sub is a nice sub. I think in last years april fools WT had it in game to play it was cool.

  12. does anyone else find it odd that the t6, t7, and t8 premium British BBs all have literally the same turret layout, calliber, and sigma

  13. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Ah. Now all 3 “only” Ship classes with Autoloaders in ww2, Yamato, Des Moines and Vanguard class are now in game. Autoloaders ftw lol.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer neither the Des Moines or vanguard fought in WW2

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      I never did say anything specific about them “fighting” in ww2 – just built around that time period. Ok ok albeit DM being a post war 1946 ship.

  14. $80!! AhAhahahahahahahaaaa!!?…..AHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!?


  15. I can make her AP WORK if you cant your a bad shot

  16. Aerroon has so little viewers.. poor por Aerroon..

  17. Good to see your videos again, thanks Aerroon.

  18. Afaik, the ship actually has 33ms fuses on its AP. It’s also supercharged, so it definitely has some uses.

  19. Were your AA gun crews made from the girls from “Girls un Panzer”? LOL

  20. is HMS Vanguard is a chicken battleship for shoot and run tactics?

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