World of Warships // HMS Warspite / “It ain’t over until the Grand Old Lady sings”

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How has it been quite this long since I’ve had a Warspite video on the channel? Who knows.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. A couple of tough games.😐

  2. Those were rough losses. The Old Girl performed pretty well for you though. Agile under that massive bustle, eh?

  3. Jedi sees the Pepsicola: “Ah our first catch of the day”

  4. WG removed the turret rotation penalty on the aiming systems modification a year or two ago now.

  5. Ah – the _”Grand Old Lady!”_

    Thanks for the video – _Belli dura despicio_

  6. That video was worth some catnip!

  7. That was rough. Target selection mistakes really hurt.
    Great ship though

  8. I’ve always wanted this ship,
    can players still get it for free?

  9. very cool of that Nicolas to smoke you
    it had to be on purpose
    good video Jedi

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