World of Warships – Hold my beer, I’m going in

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I decided to play ships that I didn’t play in a while, at least not often and get away from ships that I was playing recently because it srsly started feeling like I can’t win anymore in certain ships. So here is my good old brawling friend in his brand new dress!
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Hey Flambass! Tell me if this sounds too crazy! As a possible Tier X premium, what if they added one of the hypothetical “Maximum Battleships”?! The second design had 24x 16-inch guns! What say you? I’m Curious.

  2. Really enjoyed the commentary of Shipstorm. Great job! Thanks.

  3. アドミラルヒッパー

    8:08 Literally black Tirpitz

  4. The noob CV in the chat is just amazing…

  5. C&C Generals…..OH I MISS THIS GAME!

  6. 12:33 The allegedly non-existing *lock-on bug* in action right there.
    After denying it existed, Wargaming have just admitted in the patch notes for 0.7.12 it actually _did_ exist after all.

    • That would explain a lot of my salvos in my Tirpitz…

    • +Rotschwinge nah, tirpitz is just inaccurate. Je näher sie kommen umso öfter verfehlen sie, hab ich das Gefühl.

    • +Karl_Toffel Die Deutschen werden eig. Stärker je näher sie ran kommen. (Zu nah ist auch mist). Aber vorallem Tirpitz salven über 10 KM streuen immens… selbst wenn man mit den 380er was pennen könnte, landen sie irgendwo anders… positioning ist alles. Die Salven @12:00 und 12:30 sind so ein typisches Beispiel…

  7. truckers’ mothers are always getting surprised on this channel

  8. Your teams lightning did one hell of a job as well. Would’ve been a loss without both of you.

  9. 16:38 whats that nc doing? nc is full hp! 😀

  10. I’m gonna thumbs up before watching just b/c of the title lol!

  11. you were hoping your team to push?!? you must be new to this game….

  12. lol Tirpitz dispersion… its a blessing in disguise for people who cant aim though, like me 😀

  13. someone not creative

    Do you use accuracy mod or secondary mod flambass?

  14. Flameass, play the Hood.
    ALso, play a destroyer with torps but one that has the lowest hp.
    Move the green follow screen. Cant read your ship report when you pull it up bc it covers it.

  15. Wait, was that THE PINK player on Flambass’ team BORDERHUMPING????? Whisky Tango Foxtrot???????

  16. If you looked johndriver’s stats up in the nc you should be happy he hid in the back he did you a favor.

  17. 12:43 “omg I missed him entirely” – Welcome to my world. Seriously: that is my standard dispersion in my Shitmarck, Gneisenau and Scharnhorst. I’m surprised whn its NOT that bad…

  18. They did Black ships RIGHT in this game! 🙂

  19. I played in mogami last night i was still never top tier..

  20. that guy shoot with ap hahaha…. boom~~

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