World of warships – HOLD ON Alsace

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  1. why no cam anymore ?? 🙁

  2. hey Flmabas,svi me iz mog clana pitaju,kako to da nemas akcenat?Misle da si iz Cikaga ili tako nesto… pozz Nesha77

  3. You should do some streams just playing rock music without any gameplay, i might consider subbing 😀

    • Haha, well my channel is gaming channel where we enjoy music in the same time, it’s not just music I’m afraid 😉

  4. When do you learn?



  5. The average player don’t understand how glorious Alsace and Republique are.

    • Yes, and the guns on the République aren’t too innaccurate. If you take into consideration the range difference, she has basically the same dispersion of the Conqueror. That plus a 48% fire chance can make you a very annoying enemy at longer ranges, and when you get close, the AP just wrecks everything (heck, the AP can wreck BBs even at 20km range, I’ve managed to consistently hit the citadels of broadside Yamatos at that range). The french have a terrible weakness to cruisers, so it’s true that you cannot be in the frontline from the start. It’s better to just stay at range and focus down the cruisers whenever possible, and once they’re dealt with you can flank and push enemy BBs with ease.

    • Thanks for the detailed description, i really appreciated, looks like it’s a good ship, i’ll definitely try it out and grind the rest of the line!

    • dlegofan you godamn right

    • I don’t like tier 10 but I love tier 9

    • I love playing against a Richelieu in the Yamato, just so i can break all his guns and dreams.
      I know i’m a bad person but hey less guns shooting at you 😀

  6. Grabbing victory from the jaws of a Minotaur, lol.

  7. I think i played against you yesterday on EU server (like 3AM or so), i wasn’t sure as the name Flambass didn’t include the OMNI word. You were in Amagi and you dodged my Shima torps. Was that you?

  8. Classic Flambass!

  9. it seems flambass and flamu got kicked from OMNI…welcome to the party! im way ahead of u 😛

  10. Thanks flambass for uploading bb games..always enjoy the way you play..

    • You mean playing with reckless abandon? I love it! And talk about hanging on by your fingernails… I noticed that Flambass seems much quicker with the Repair Party on Alsace than other BBs. Maybe just this game.

  11. “I’m getting better and better in this ship” Flambass is humble XD

  12. face reveal of the crew in 1080p back to uploading vids in 720p lololol 😛

    • Yeah Peppa has MUCH better internet then we so we did 1080p, this was made with my internet and I will continue but will try to upgrade it in the upcoming days

  13. Idk man….. After watching that face reveal…. will never be the same 😆

  14. “In case i become a legend” 😀

  15. Flambass for sale, 1 previous owner 😂

  16. Rigged

  17. gg, i noticed on the reveal , you have missed a bit on your chin when shaving …..

  18. nice game und viel glück gehabt mit der mino ..

  19. Don’t understand how you position yourself to NOT get focused fired like I do. I’ll keep watching till I figure it out, 2-3 yrs?

  20. I will bye the Flambass T-shirt ore whatever if they have it in WG store 😉

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