World of Warships- HOLD THE LINE!!

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Hey guys, today we have a couple of ranked matches from Friday’s stream. Enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Tarquinius Superbus

    Massa is my favorite ship but i fear the commander rework is a nerv for the Massachusetts

  2. I entered the stream for a couple of minutes, but it’s just too late for me. After a long work week, staying up late on friday seems to be mission impossible. I guess this means I have become old?
    Regarding ranked, I had some amazing results in Kansas. I have had some bad games with only 40-50k damage, but I had more 80-100k games than low damage games. Sadly, doing a lot of damage in Kansas is not enough to carry games…

  3. Nice early vids

  4. Every BB captain knows that frantic pushing of the t button

  5. Lol, i thought you were about to show the detail report, just to know how much damage 400 secondary hits did

    • Probably not that much because most of them against main armor belt of NC and Richelieu. I guess it was around 25k. I had games where 400 hits (in Georgia and Massa) did around 60k but that is only possible if you stay outside of 8km range.

  6. That what I call real teamwork something that we don’t get most of the time in this game.

  7. the way he said nani tho

  8. LOL respect bro <3

  9. ranked battles isnt no joke if u take it serouis….

  10. this is good im glad your having fun 🙂

  11. I was rolling, GG

  12. Damn it musta been the night of holding positions in impossible odds in the massa. I did the exact same thing in my massa with a Bismarck and a Richelieu and a New Mexico. It was great. 229k and 361 secondary hits. Confederate, double CQE, dreadnought and high caliber.



    (Couldn’t resist. Sorry!)

  14. Man casually gets to the other side of the map, under heavy fire, and lived.
    Imma get me an american bb so I can have a sea M1A2 Abrams

  15. The level of being ignored was real. That NC had such a massive broadside on you, he should have chunked you. I’m more annoyed that I never get that kind of pure luck playing WoWS. Feels like I always have to work my ass off to make the plays.

  16. When you pulled out to turn away I thought you was done for, giving up your sides to turn always sucks. Got ate twice in my Bis doing that lastnight.

  17. Marcus Jones Stinks

    2 days later just got notified, smh

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