World of Warships – Holy cow, are we pulling this?

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Sometimes giving everything you’ve got just might now be enough and in the end you’ll have to rely on your teammates. Sometimes this will be bitter but sometimes it will be sweet.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Disillusioned means cynical and disappointed. Yes, you do have to care to be frustrated. BTW, thanks for all the tips. My game is getting better!

  2. You gotta love that CV for putting a fighter on you. Under normal circumstances he wouldn’t have

  3. Happy international men day.

    Who knew we had it.

    • @G- Low yeah I know what you mean, trudeau (Canadian PM) used weed and a shit ton of money he didn’t have to get elected. It’s alwaysthe same results with these guys, do your community a favour and vote for the more right-wing party. oh and btw your English is great and poorer is a word(but likely not academic language)

    • @Alistair White i always try to vote for those in favor of making a productive country. but given the fact that for the last 20+ years, lots of ppl have been receiving social security aids. they have come to the conclusion that they dont need to work. were talking about 20/30% of the entire active population beign slaved to that system. theres 40 year people that have never had a proper job down here. and theres the other side, ppl like me. who work. that has to pay for that. as you can imagine, tax pressure down here is gigantic. around 60% of the price of anything you buy are taxes. thanks to lots of years of “moderate” socialism. and its getting less and less moderate.

    • @G- Low man, I’m not from Argentina, I don’t really know what it’s like but I really hope that things get better. I really feel bad for you and your whole country I wish you the best from Canada and maybe someday you will be able to leave and join a better country.

      best regards, and good luck

    • @Alistair White thanks. i hope someone invented some virus which spreaded among socialists only…. but im only dreaming lol.
      Thanks for the wishes. emigrating is on my mind. but, well. i wish we could make this big rich country return to what it once was.

    • @Alistair White why are all the ela teachers like that

  4. 10:22 – “I could actually dodge that if I wanted to”
    10:28 – gets detonated by a single torpedo

    Would be hilarious 🙂

  5. “Disillusioned”, while it’s been explained to you ad nauseum I’m sure, suggests the feelings you had about the game were part of some illusion, and the illusion has rudely lifted, leaving you bitter.

  6. 8.07 FDG got blapped by a jutland torp, so much for that HP

  7. you’re so miserable these days, I’m going to take a break and check back in once you’ve moved. Hopefully you’ll be a happier Flamby by then

  8. about dispersion on 4 gun turrets. thats kinda realistic. when you shoot the 4 barrels at the same time, supersonic shockwaves crash into each other.
    Thats why they didnt shoot all barrels at the same time. also in big 3 gun turrets with not much separation between barrels.
    it would be nice if wg let us shoot like that or move turrets independently

  9. When I was in college dorm we had insult contest every Friday night in the lounge. Your so ugly was a big fav. but you couldn’t repeat one already used. There were dozens used.

  10. Says ” had no idea that he had 5 kills”, spent the last 10 minutes smacking the enemies right flank around.

  11. The Amagi chose to stay in a position where he could not fire at or draw fire from any of the 3 remaining ships while you got focused. Sorry of you’re reading this Amagi Player, but that’s poor play. You could have not only drawn fire from the best player, but possibly killed 2 of the enemy ships. Don’t use Amani’s play as a good example.

  12. Once again difference in cv skills decide outcome of the match.

  13. And while you were fighting 3 men at a time, the Amagi was hiding… Not a very smart move.

  14. still love how it took 18 seconds from your shot’s til the consealment drops againe… this game is getting more and more pathetic for every patch…

  15. I ran into a bug with my JB last night. I hit the reload booster… and it started my reload over at 20 seconds… everytime…. it made me so upset cus I had so many broadsides I could have deleted.

  16. WTF was the Amagi doing the last 8 min???

  17. that amagi was a bot, holy cow how bad that guy “played” xD

  18. You didn’t give us our “KRAKKEN!!!” This is unacceptable!!! (But, still love your videos.)

  19. 7:04 and 8:14. Why are you complaining about “poor dispersion”? That looks like my typical dispersion that I get all the time.

  20. I love the hand gestures showing jean Bart’s dispersion. Lol.

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