World of Warships Homing Torpedoes Suck Bad

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I am startign to learn that in World of Warships, its not the submarines that are bad. Sure, they suck in their own way, but in actuality, its the homing torpedoes. A broken BS mechanic that WG should have never included in WOWs. But why are they so bad?


  1. on your recommend I got (and just started) Tin Can Sailors. Very good so far.

  2. I was in a game where the homing torps curved around an island and struck me. When they hit, we were on opposite sides of the island with no line of sight. I was furious. When I tried to talk to the sub player, he refused to acknowledge how ridiculous this was. Grrrrrr…

  3. Welcome back Zoup! I agree completely with you. The new British Subs especially the Premium is out right overpowered. Flamu posted a test video of the homing torps doing complete 180s to hit the ping. Tested it in 3 different ships Daring, Hindenburg. I fought one yesterday in randoms with a Massachusetts (which only has 5 km ASW planes btw) got obliterated by it. WG doesn’t care they put money into them and they arent going anywhere.

  4. Flamu made a video about this, there was one salvo that passed him and came all the way round practically made a 360 it was funny and stupid.

  5. I say it again: Subs and CVs would 100% totally cease to be an annoyance if the players would just stop playing them. On the sub/CV issue, the fix is totally, 100% in the hands of the players.

    • @Formous True, sadly

    • @Salty Balls True as well. Sadly

    • @Salty Balls I feel it important to note that people despise destroyers too. MNy want them outright gone, or to play by real rules. They should have far fewer torpedoes for example, have half the speed, lose their concealment magic shields. People also have issues with radar cruisers. I know a lot would love it if only battleships were ingame. Cv are easy to counter once sighted. Subs are a different matter though. Most of the time, players can’t fight them. A dd gets annihilated trying. A cruiser gets locked on to and deleted. A cv can’t hunt the damn things. A bb prays his ally can see it. Subs are far more a issue then a cv tbh.

    • @Majestic Hotwings I understand but I have no sympathy for ya. It was people like you who ran me out of Random altogether. I got tired of my American cruiser sliding into island cover near a cap, to use radar to help the team, only to be sunk in just a few minutes by a CV who didn’t give a hoot about island cover.

  6. Steven Wiederholt

    As a DD (not very good) player homing torps + being spotted by subs=Hell On Earth.

  7. Hey Zoup watch flamu’s video about the new british sub Alliance especially the end where he’s in a Kiev & gets cross torped by the sub !!!!. That is beyond broken, which is why I’m happy to just play operations , no subs , no cv’s bliss 🙂 .

  8. Well Zoup, if you had only said nicer things to WG they wouldn’t have given you the torp magnets option on all your ships.

  9. there are only 2 ways to fix sub properly:

    2. Limits them to operation only like the wolf pack


    Oh, don’t worry Zoup… If they (the torps) miss, they U TURN and come back for round 2

  11. The community has proposed a countless amount of solutions to fix the damn subs but WG doesn’t give a damn…

  12. Rochester is a great ship for operations.

  13. From what ive seen from flamus Video this problem refers to the New Premium submarine Alliance that hast broken torp homing

  14. The PirateMongoose

    Flamu did some testing against Alliance torps. The “drawback” is that it’s torps are slower, but that ends up being a massive boon because that gives them a lot more time to turn. A Kiev at flank speed (over 40 knots) couldn’t dodge them if his DCP was on cooldown because their turning radius is so tight

  15. This use to be a good game. I joined in 2016 but these days I just play a handful of battles a month. Unfortunately the developers have over complicated things in this game and as a result have removed the fun. This is my downtime so why play a game that isn’t fun anymore. love watching these videos as its reinforces my decision to play other games.

  16. I miss the old times when I play for the pure fun, but now I only play 2-3 matches a day just for login reward or containers, knowing I have zero counters against CV and Subs.

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