World of Warships – Hood Changes Discussed

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was adjusted in to have better rudder shift, AP, and close range defensive fire. I try to see if the adjustments make the ship more enjoyable and whether I’d feel comfortable with a purchase. My biggest issue with the Hood is how the guns feel between accuracy and traverse. I find it frustrating to engage enemies while also avoiding fire. The game doesn’t really make me feel better about the Hood, hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Hood Replay


  1. Wölfe des Orion

    I doubt the Hood fame is on Bismarck Level. Maybe its different in UK and former Empire countries, but the Bismarck is known everywhere on the world. From Russia to America. Just my impression tho.

  2. still waiting for the jingles vid of this…

  3. think I will pass on the Hood

  4. Smithers: “Women and seamen don’t mix.”
    Burn: “We know what you think.”

  5. 1:46 Full of sem.. wait! Got it! 😛

  6. Mother used to say my rudder would fall off if i played with it too much

  7. Christian Thomas

    Not spending a dime until traverse or accuracy or both get addressed. I am voting with my wallet. It’s gotta be Notser Approved…..dammit.

  8. “Tier 7 has weak cruisers”

    Agreed, pls buff the belfast.

  9. So good armor but basically shit, well done WG. I hope no one buys it then maybe they’ll treat the old girl with a bit more respect…..

  10. I’m so conflicted about this. I mean… it’s THE HOOD. The Mighty Hood. It should be a compulsory purchase for any self respecting Brit but as this point I’m more excited for the Kaga. There is literally no excuse for such piss poor accuracy.

    I’m not expecting her to be OP, I simply want to stand a chance of hitting the sodding target. Dispersion like this just drives me absolutely nuts. She must have something funky with her stats I’d argue she’s got worse accuracy than the Gneisenau at this point.

  11. I could work with the turret traverse, but that dispersion is a deal breaker for myself and many I’ve talked to.

  12. The British did not stick with the 381mm (15″) gun because they were happy with it, they were stuck with it. They also had a terrible 16″ gun and wanted an improved version of that in the Lion class and they had the so-so 14″ gun. The Treaty system kept the British from getting away from the 15″ and moving on to the 16″ because they had to settle for the 14″ for time concerns.I also think it is something of a myth that British had accurate guns. There shooting accuracy over all was very middle of the road especially in the heavy guns. The 16″ gun was absolutely terrible and after many years and a lot of effort, it improved to not terrible but not good either. The 14″ was just a 14″ gun in a world of 16″ and 18″ guns as well as new 14.98″ and 15″ guns in France and Italy. That 14″ gun was also pedestrian at best. The British were good at one thing, “” the hell out of their abilities when, if you looked at things closer, they weren’t all that good at all.

  13. I love my Warspite, but I surely won’t be purchasing the Hood. Nice review.

  14. Hood: Teamwork?
    WG: Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein!!!!

  15. Why I cannot buy hood in store?

  16. so many broadside on ships and not a single citadel pen from the Hood, I really hope that was just bad RNG and not the terrible krupp value of the shells stopping it from penning far enough….

  17. Alejandro Ochagavía

    I could listen to Notser talk all day.

  18. It wasn’t today we learned that WG just doesn’t like the Royal Navy. The Brits has been getting shafted the day WoWs was introduced.

  19. I dunno if this is true in WOWS or not, but HMS Hood and HMS Warspite both used IDENTICAL guns – the 15″ L42 Mark 1! And from what I can see, the ONLY difference there SHOULD be, is in the type of shell, and thr gun mounts (from what I can tell, Hood could elevate the guns a LITTLE higher than Warspite) – But the barrel and everything else SHOULD be identical!

    There were 4 different types of AP shell made for this gun – which is the same on both RN BBs, and 2 different HE shell types.

    But apart from that, Warspite and Hood have IDENTICAL GUNS! At least they did in REAL life, as the Brits seem to have been IN LOVE with their 15″ L42 Mark 1! They started work on a Mark 2, but cancelled it for the 16″ used on Nelson. And the REASON Nelson’s 16″ guns have such TERRIBLE penetration compared to every other 16″+ gun in the game – and in fact LESS pen than the Bismarck/Gneisenau/Tirpitz- is because the DNO of Britain thought for SOME reason that a Lighter higher velocity shell would provide better penetration characteristics overall, with better side pen at closer ranges, and better deck pen at long ranges, but they made the 16″ shell TOO LIGHT, just 2048 pounds – and with just 797 Meters/sec at BEST (on a new gun even) – the velocity was NOWHERE NEAR HIGH ENOUGH to get the sort of performance the Germans got with their 380mm L52 guns that had 820 meters/sec on a 1764 pound shell, which relative to bore size is heavier as well.

    which is to say the German 380mm L52 – if it were a 406mm gun, the projectiles would weigh closer to 2200 pounds – like the 406 L52 SK/C34 on the Kurfürst DO weigh, and have 810 meters/sec!

  20. The guns should not have the rotation of the Warspite with it being a battlecruiser.

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