World of Warships-Hood How is it now

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Puddin here with a game for you in my Hood.

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  1. Still really think that the hoods aa is well under powed

  2. I’m glad to see people still play tier 7. In fact, just a suggestion, please upload more videos from lower tier ships (5,6 and 7). I know how frustrating it is to continuously have to be downtiered most of the time, but t5 vs t7 is a much nicer experience than t6 vs t8. If possible, I would really appreciate those videos. Haven’t we all had enough of t10 to last us a long time?

    • Tier 7 is my favorite now. I’ve always enjoyed it but always being up tiered in 8 has ruined it where as Tier 7 isnt as bad. Plus some of my favorite, unique ships are at tier 7.

    • +Dustin Spiegel tier 8 was fine once upon a time. Tier 6 was where I had the most fun. Man, I miss tier 6 ranked a lot. I wish matchmaking was fixed, you know? Its disgusting what these guys at WG are willing to do to make a quick buck.

    • Tier 7 is seal clubbing is some people’s eyes. But we will try just going to have to give use sometime cause of IRL.

  3. I like the Hood also, nice replay Puddin

  4. Nice game in the hood. Do you use the reinforce AA sectors? I noted a few times you had planes over you but didnt set a flank for the increased AA power. Or do you feel its not useful to overload a side but rather keep it at 100 percent per side? Nice game play not to rush their cap at the end to be farmed. Can be a hard habit to break as people see ships and want to get damage rather then stay alive.

  5. great game puddin , this is the hood should be 🙂

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