World of Warships – Hood Review

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The finally came out about a week or two ago, I didn’t get a chance to release my final thoughts on it until now. The ship feels much better after the traverse changes and handling improvements. Hood feels a lot like a much more nimble compared to others in the class. The game is great and I try to highlight the strengths but also give you some tips when fighting the ship. Hope you have a fantastic day and good luck out there!

Tier VII Battleship Hood Replay


  1. The def AA is overrated, the rockets are good for the first strike but are destroyed easily, I’m having to use auxiliary armaments mod 1 and AA gun mod 2. I think better guns or damage control party would have been better.

  2. Matěj Šrámek

    I will never get enough of that intro, damn

  3. what made wargaming change from givimg one of the wordt turret traverse to the best in the game, money

  4. I’d love to get this ship, but unfortunately the only available package on EU is £90.

  5. **Looks at cost** HAHAHAHAHA fuck yourself Wargaming xD
    Fucking £86…. I honestly don’t know how someone could justify spending that kind of money on a digital ship

  6. Unbundled stand alone Hood isn’t available until the event is finished.

    Screw WG for that.

  7. too inaccurate for my taste !! but gg

  8. Hood’s bow gets overmatched?!?!?!
    Oh, welcome to being a T7 BB. That’s normal.

  9. Notser, you should do an episode on what classes of British Battleships you want to see in the new line.

  10. Hagen Adolf Halwax

    I f*cking love that New Style at the beginning of your Review 🙂 greetings from GER

  11. I remember that excitement for a British battleship line back when the Warspite came out… 2 years ago. 🙁

  12. ArticulatedHypernova

    I wreck hoods in my gneisenau. No competition really.

  13. only scharnhorst has better turret traverse…but it is ridiculous. irl hood’s turrets were really slow. community again whined it up. at least they should be slower than bismarcks, preferably same as warspites after her recent buff

  14. In game she’s a good ship that I do like to play, as you say the turret traverse is fantastic. I’d still like to see an Admiral class in the tech tree (as in Gneisenau) that had the modernisation planned for the Hood, especially the 5.5 inch dual turreted secondaries.
    Yes I did buy the first bundle to come out, after all she’s HMS Hood, and as such has a similar meaning to me as ships like the Texas and Alabama have to other players. The bundle had nice “extras”, two 12 point commanders and 50 of each of the three new flags (plus 50 Dragons) are good.

  15. i dont know how but i managed to cit a Hood with a Graff Spee

  16. Bennett Twitmyer

    Great into Notser! I love the new style.

  17. LordTyphoon WoWSasia

    Where do you find cruisers and battleships that sail like that?! On the asia server here every single enemy is angled. On NA they all sail broadside in a straight line?! LOL!

  18. notser what is your favourite brittish BB

  19. Second reviewer to compare this ship to the Scharnhorst, I really like my Scharn, makes me wonder if it is worth the buy.

  20. Pay to win ship, should have said that sellout nots

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