World of Warships – Hood Teaser – Don’t Screw It Up!

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So WG teased HMS Hood and she’s made it onto the supertest server. Now she MOST LIKELY will change, but in her current state, YIKES 🙁


  1. I want bigger maps and more range

  2. How could they possibly screw it up more than the British did?

  3. I hope they up the detonation percentage if she runs into a Bismarck

  4. Second consumable slot can select the “detonation” consumable

  5. Please Wargaming….

    Why such a terrible turret traverse? The Bayern gets the same calibre guns yet a vastly imrpoved rotation speed. I get her armour isn’t great etc, and that’s mostly historical but don’t gimp her guns just because you have a beef against British stuff. Is this payback for the Belfast actually being a really good ship?

    She’s the most iconic ship in British naval history next to HMS Victory and Ark Royal. If they fuck this up, holy hell… the forums are going to be ablaze like never before.

  6. TBH I think these are pretty fair stats for a ship that wasn’t all that good in the first place (DUH WE LOST LOTS OF BATTLECRUISERS AT JUTLAND BECAUSE SPEED IS NOT A SUBSITUTE FOR ARMOUR, LET’S BUILD MORE!) famous yes, good… not so much

  7. Is that an RAF roundel painted on the Hood’s #1 turret?

  8. Hood was NOT a battleship , she was a battlecruiser and NEVER designed to face battleships , by 1939 hoods speed had dropped from the 32.6 knots when she was new to 30.7 knots due to her having her forward deck armor upgraded during her first refit , which by the way made her a wet ship , her guns were the older type (WWI) 15 inch guns with a rate of fire of TWO rounds per minute and a max range of 33,000 yards , so WG cant really buff her to much otherwise its not the Hood , it becomes some kind of BS ship , lets be honest British battlecruiser designs were simply a bad design , the German Scharnhorst class battlecruisers were in fact battleships and only got rated as battlecruisers due to the 11 inch guns they carried , they were designed to have 6X15 inch guns but the guns were not ready so the Germans armed with 11 inch guns but their armor was that of a battleship

  9. I find it funny that the Warspite and Hood have such low gun range, considering that the warspite landed one of the longest ranged naval gun hits in history

  10. As long as she instant blows up when she gets cited, we do want to be historical… Hood was failure of ship design as all BCs were.

  11. Look guys, if something is well known, great piece of history, a land mark in history, a legendary ship, famous ship etc: NONE OF THESE SAY IT WAS A GOOD SHIP! Look, Lady Gaga is famous, and does she really do any good music? No. Many historical icons were icons for whatever reason but that did not ever mean that they were any good. Fame doesn’t equal to good.

    I do not know much about the Hood, the story yes. Fire rate, turret rotation is pathetic, and its handling characteristics are given thanks to its size so they can’t do much about it. Change the fire rate – that’s why it went up in smoke in the first place – and the turret rotation, and it’s gonna be fine afterwards.

  12. Well a bismarck eating hood for breakfast isn’t really going to surprise anyone…….

  13. as every British ship in the game so far so… another piece of British shit…

  14. What do you expect the hood was as shit in battle as the arizona.
    Both took a tap from a small bb shell and both folded up 1 hit.

  15. I feel the same way, iChase. When I saw her datamined stats, I paled. The Alabama drama was just based on the fact that it was the first tier 8 USN premium and people, myself included, were pretty annoyed that her citadel was so high especially given they are lowering the one on the Iowas and the Montana. But even then … this ship may be near and dear to Americans, but to the rest of the world … meh. They wanted her for what she brings to the game, not for her history.

    The Hood is an entirely different beast. She is *massively* famous. She was the pride of the royal navy and paraded around the world to show off in between the two wars. The only one of her class and an absolute symbol of British supremacy. When she blew up in the opening volleys with the Bismarck, the entire world gasped and the british in particular went into a mad rage and threw absolutely everything they had at the Bismarck to avenge her in as punitive a fashion as they could muster. And if she doesn’t get buffed *significantly* to not necessarily match the Bismarck, but at least stand a chance, pretty much everyone, on every server, will blow up. There were far bigger battles in both wars, but the Battle of the Denmark Strait remains the most famous to this day.

    They had better not fuck this up.

  16. … but the Hood sucked in real life too…

  17. What is a Krupp-value?!

  18. I was expecting This ship around tier 5-6. Its an old BC, so similar to the Kongo, and i think the King Gerorge V-class should be at max tier 7 because it only has 360 mm guns, Lion-class on tier 8 ,and Nelson-class on tier 9.

  19. I’ll be honest, I am completely 100% surprised it doesn’t have torps. I know it isn’t historically accurate, but giving it the RN cruiser 10km torps would make this baby perfectly capable of dancing with big boys at tier 9 and make it very effective against the big beasts at ter 7 and 8 as well. The other 2 battlecruisers at tier 7 (Gneis/Scharn) have them to let them brawl. Like just 1 launcher of 3 tubes or 2 tubes each side that fire in a strictly rear or forward arc. Gives her an upper-cut potential.

  20. Battle Cruiser it’s not a Battle Ship. So War Gaming is breaking it already.

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