World of Warships – Hood “Torpedo” Boat

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on Two Brothers moves out to the west and is interested in enacting the “torpedo” boat strat that iChase mentioned in his video. Obviously he’s just kidding but ramming can be a effective finisher. The enemies’ primary flank is the west, which causes me to retreat. A couple lucky shots and a little angling gives back some of the flank. I press forward and a opportunity opens up to fulfill my goal. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Hood Replay



    If you had the same Warspite accuracy I bet you would have nailed the Nagato. So many shots dipped low into the water… pretty pants for such close range. It’s why I hate playing the Gneisenau, you only have six shells per full salvo so for most of them to not even hit the target is just frustrating as hell.

  2. That magical moment where you see the counter of the consumable, and you know that a few are the difference between victory and defeat, …. only in wows, … I love these moments XD

  3. You’re such an energetic and nice person Notser, I absolutely love your content! Keep up the good work fam 😀

  4. Hood Hood(In the Butt)

  5. Notser go watch Flamu’s review and then redo it, and iChase was a noob in it

  6. Whar a rhime Notser
    ”He’s red,
    he needs to be dead.”

  7. wow…. Hoods penetration is terrible!! I would have citadeled the shit out of that nagato in my Dunkerque with that lewd broadside he was showing! =/

  8. Most sinful acts in world of warships?
    1. Pronouncing Kaga wrong
    2. Calling Kaga a cruiser
    3. Pulling a Notser

  9. Well done. Entertaining as always. How are there three dislikes?

  10. lol nice ram Notser 🙂 looking forward to HMS Hood oh yesss 🙂

  11. Why do I never see people making jokes about German battleships like Bismarck and Tirpitz? They both really did very little and both died pitiful deaths. Especially Tirpitz. She did nothing but run away and hide, only to then get destroyed by bombers. They were certainly hardy ships at close range, and their speed made them a menace; but I feel it’s really strange that no-one jokes about them when you really think about how little they did and how they sank (as they do about ships like the Hood)

  12. 8:04 if you’d aimed at the engines you’d have got one. The frontal magazine on the nagato is seriously well protected close up

  13. I really want to like the french cruisers but……they are about as effective as the Maginot Line in WWII.

  14. i like your comment about seeking knowledge. well said.

  15. that was awsome lol, bring on the Hood!

  16. jessie vanderstam

    Does hood have missles or not?

  17. Ha ha ha – great stuff, thanks Notser!

  18. this thing is long comment almost killed me

  19. No mercy, Notser! great game

  20. 47430t super torpedo HMS Hood XD

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