World of Warships – Hood’s AA – Easily Destroyed

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Hood’s AA is scary on paper, scary in the early game, but understand it’s weaknesses and it’s at best meh. Still not really what I thought they’d buff to be honest…but then again, WG does what WG wants ¯_(ツ)_/¯


  1. What ships are you most looking forward to?

  2. I like Penguins

  3. Hi Chase, any chance of a short vid demonstrating different Sigma values, ie, what it is and its effects on the game? tc!

  4. Mediocre premium ships are okay but apparently not according to you. Keep bitching and you’ll get it eventually.

  5. Very intresting to see however I think the Hood’s AA is still incredibly strong. Even with only 2 launcher still alive you still do 1500 damage with AA build which is more than enough to survive an attack.
    Also there are 2 things you have to consider. First in a real life scenario people will most likely not aim for the AA rockets so its very hard to say how much rockets will stay up and running. 2nd in a real life scenario the hood will be moving which means that you cannot autodrop a hood and still expect to hit torpedoes, you have to get closer than you demonstrated in the 3 UP launchers part. Also you still have the defesive aa consumable itself which means that torpedoes and bombs will be more spread out, now Im not a CV expert but it might be hard to hit a fast moving and “quicker” turning hood.

    Excuse my english please, I enjoyed the video!

  6. you don’t even have to look at the durability. just bait the ship into using the consumable, wait and strike.

  7. ‘Historically accurate.’

    PS what song is your outro?

  8. The funny thing is, the historical UP launchers were a total failure and AFAIK were never used. They even had the potential to damage their own ship …

  9. Very interesting. Thanks Chase.

  10. she is still a waist of money

  11. Accurate Yamato, inaccurate german BBs, Hood the AA Monster, russian DDs on Steroids, etc…
    WG, P L E A S E stop this nonesense !

  12. Outwardpanicjoe

    Wow the Colorado is slowly become one of the more worse AA battleships now ??

  13. So it is indifferent for CV players then? I never rush high AA ships or well-grouped fleet in early game anyway as a CV player. Instead I focus on vision and DDs, saving planes to farm damage mid to late game. If Hood’s main AA power comes from glass cannons, I won’t feel threatened…

  14. I never buy a premium purely on its AA. The Hood needs better main guns.

  15. Sooo… strong AA gets less strong if you destroy AA mounts ? What a useless video, thanks captain.

  16. I understand why Wargaming felt the need to buff HMS Hood, but this kind of historical inaccuracy always frustrates me. The UP launchers were seen as ineffective by the Royal Navy, and, particularly after the explosion of Hood (which was probably not caused by the UP ammunition), they were removed in favor of 40mm Bofors on most ships.

    Bottom line — Hood (a WWI design) should not be a Tier VIII battleship in ‘Warships’. If Wargaming wanted to keep it there, they should have made a hull upgrade available that is consistent with the kind of refits she was supposed to have received before the war broke out. This AA buff turning Hood into some kind of antiaircraft battlecruiser is completely baseless.

  17. you have to focus the torp bombers…. forget the dive bombers

  18. Oh look… a video says AA rockets are fragile…

    Brace for more un-needed buffs…

  19. really wish they would just ditch the defensive fire AA consumable and just make it a good ship.

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