World of Warships- Hornet First Impressions: Enterprise 2.0 Or Useless?

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Hey guys, today I bring you guys my first impressions review of the new Tier VIII Premium American CV, Hornet. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

0:00 Channel Intro
0:11 Ship Intro
2:48 Ship Armor & Stats
8:32 Commander & Module Build
12:04 Gameplay Review


  1. I think this ship is the definition of Balance

    2 of the CV squadron are basically uptiered tier 6 Ranger plane and the tactical bomber hit hard
    Tbh i’d prefer to have the AP bomber replaced with He

    • When you get into T9 and T10 matches you will those T6 planes are worthless and get wrecked easy and make them 100% useless in battle.

  2. In my experience its been a pretty well rounded CV for ranked. If ur up tiered to t10 it does not perform well at all. Ap bombers great for cruisers, torps have pretty short fuse range and good for bbs, b25s can make dds have a really bad day and reticle is very forgiving. Pretty decent CV, but there are better options at t8. (chikolov) lol

  3. if you dont build into ap bombers they are of course terrible , probably better to use them on cruisers

  4. Friday morning it appeared to be selling well, every tier 8 battle i was in had at least one Hornet in it

    • That’s because of the patch day magic, remember when Schlieffen was released? We had 3-4 schlieffen’s per match. This thing will lose its popularity really quick

  5. I have a grand total of 6 carriers in my port and only 2 that I like. Chkalov bc it’s a Russian CV and it’s those are cracked outta their minds, and the Hornet. I actually built a little bit into the dive bombers, and while they still aren’t at the same level as say german bombers, they are still usable. The torpedo bombers are still good like you were saying, and ofc the B-25s are awesome.

    My strategy is to use the main squadrons to spot low health or ships with a smaller HP pool, drop a fighter if available, then drop the current ordinance I have, F back and then use the B-25s. These planes are especially burtal. I took a Halland from full HP to 4k in one run with the B-25s, and only lost one plane to his notoriously good AA. I think people forget what a “good carrier” is after so many lines and premiums of boarder line or just straight up power creep carriers came out.

  6. Pro tips from my friend the actually good CV player: Always invest in dive bomber HP over torpedo bomber HP. Dive bombers spend more time in AA without the damage reduction provided by being in an attack run, so they need the help more. Also, the 4 point skill that increases bomber speed works on both the B-25s and the dive bombers, making it much better than usual on Hornet. You can almost get the bomber speed up to acceptable levels with this and the 2 point plane speed skill.

  7. I have all cvs and tbh it playes differently to enterprise. I like the hornet, although i needed a few games to get the hang of it.

  8. Wow not sure what I did different but I got AP bomb citadels easily, no issues. I selected light cruisers and especially island camping light cruisers are perfect target. As for the aiming pattern actually prefer it as it is easier like you said for a player who is not CV expert. And bombers are amazing, very easy to hit and finish low HP DDs. I think you are being too harsh on bombs.

    • The AP bombs have been really good for me. More than a few times I have landed 4 on people. 20k odd cit damage on a t9 is hilarious sometime. They work really really well on cruisers.

  9. I don’t play CVs but I did get the Hornet just because of its illustrious history., and the fact that you can fly the B-25’s! I guess in order to do well in CVs, you may have to try out the Russian ones, as I am told you can’t go wrong there.

  10. In the CV lands of SEA, Hornet is plenty popular, I have enjoyed having my stern torn apart by another new plane bote.

  11. So historically just for accuracy sake Hornet is actually slightly more advanced and a slightly different design then Yorktown and Enterprise

  12. MM doesn’t really try to bring premium ships on opposite sides. When I play premium ships, I usually see premiums go to the same team even if they aren’t in a division. I have seen countless times where Shokaku and Weser get pushed to 1 team against E. Lowenhart and Kaga in the other team.

  13. Krzysztof Narloch

    I would say Kersarge is the best USS cv captain trainer….

    Lets be honest now all that matter is how much the premium ship is printing EXP – doesnt matter what class of premium ship.

  14. The squadrons reminds me of the British T8 CV Indomitable with only getting to attacks. The dive bombers are basically the rockets on Kaga the sacrificial scouts.

  15. I love the hornet such a fun ship, the B-25s slap, it feels like an American carrier with British play style

  16. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    Werent they the flight that came around on their exposed flank and hammered the unprotected CVs?

  17. @drake consumer of souls and cheese strings no, that was all Enterprise and Yorktown’s divebombers. Hornet’s were several hundred miles to the north, because in his infinite wisdom Mitscher wanted to catch the entire Japanese fleet instead of just the carriers that had been spotted.

  18. The planes of the Hornet are essentially glass cannons. Their speed make you more vulnerable and will eat through your HP in no time but they hit like a truck.

  19. I had a Hornet in nearly every match on patch day. In one match I had a 2v2 all-Hornet CV match-up. Another game had a Hornet team-mate with SIX TOTAL account games played. (We lost badly). Good times WG.

  20. Some plane landed in midway many can only ditch their plane which is pretty dangerous

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