World of Warships- Hornet Is Getting Her B-25s!

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Hey guys! Today we take a look a some news about the Hornet and the fact that she is getting her B-25s! Enjoy!



Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. Panzergrenadier Tempura

    Well Hornet getting B25 as tactical squadron is pretty neat Indeed tho I find is quite excessive than instead of one plane or two like the super carrier is get *6* in one flight

    • iirc B25s are level bombers, however they were used to drop skip-bombs on ships but they definitly can´t dive bomb.
      So they either drop a mini carpet of very inacurate bombs from altitude, which would make it OK-ish in balance.
      Or they are skip bombers, which would absolutely dumpster ships.

    • Panzergrenadier Tempura

      @Shifty well having 6 bomber with 4 bombs each doing skip bombing is unlikely considering how OP it will be even more than russian CV so level bombing is more probable

      But then it dépend will it drop like FDR all bomb in one go on a relatively Small area or like the british with a thin and long ellipse

  2. Wilhelm T. Müller

    I think the Tactical squadrons have a lot of potential as auxiliary armament. Besides having basically different ammo types, I think dropping smoke etc can be made into the game by making it a tactical squad

    • Panzergrenadier Tempura

      Having some kind of support CV that will do things like drop smoke , give spotter plane to a ship (for a shorter duration than usual spotter plane), dropping depth charge, something more supportive than doing damage

    • Could drop naval mines as well. No up front damage from the drop but they would have an area denial effect unless a ship wants to run into them to tank the damage.

    • I’d love some ASW squads as an option whenever subs come back.

    • Panzergrenadier Tempura

      @Yesman mmh naval mine is a possibility but i would it maybe not a good Idea to have a weapon that block a side for the ennemy team

      I mean if you give those to plane you will have to give those to DDs and it will end up with sector totally covered in mine préventif the ennemy from trying anything

    • @Panzergrenadier Tempura You could allow them to be destroyed and spotted with Hydro as well. Give them a long reload time or cooldown and I think it’d work decently.

  3. Honey Springs Homestead

    Seems like it could work, but I’ll reserve my thoughts for the final tweak. Wargaming has a habit of two we all know about. Thank you.

  4. Satsuma: “I won’t die to these!”
    [explodes in Japanese]

  5. As someone who likes Historical ships and Big Tiddy anime shipfus. I can’t wait to get Hornet than those new Soviet CVs.

  6. Personally, I’m looking forward to Hornet, even though I’m f2p player, honestly I probably will be saving up the doubloons I get for free in order to get Hornet (instead of Boise, probably better choices available, but I’ve been wanting Boise largely for personal reasons).

  7. The Phengophobic Gamer

    I really love that they gave her B-25s while maintaining the Dauntless. When RN CVs got added, I had thought why not just replace the dive bombers with B-25 level bombers, job done. I’m glad they didn’t though, my great Uncle commanded Hornet’s scout bomb squadron at Midway, and by Santa Cruz commanded the whole air group, so getting a ship with family history only to not have the aircraft he flew would kinda suck.

    It’s really a no Brainerd that they’d incorporate the B-25 somehow as it’s the only successful engagement Hornet’s air group participated in, though Shokaku was damaged, along with an escorting cruiser or two at Santa Cruz.

  8. Hornet will be more like a collectible than a reliable CV imo.

  9. I’m not a big fan of adding more broken carriers but a real steel ship/carrier is really great thing to add

  10. Not only do I know what the Dolittle raid was, I met general Dolittle when I was working for Cessna Aircraft in the 70’s.

  11. Norden bombsights were stripped mostly not to fall into enemy hands I believe. Instead had a simple steel sight added..broom sticks paint black were added to tail of these early b models to make attacking fighters think twice. Popular Mechanics had an issue devoted to it on the 50th anniversary.

    • The secrecy surrounding the Norden bombsight was almost entirely advertising hype. Unlike the Sperry bombsight, which was classified ‘Secret’, the Norden bombsight was only ‘Confidential’. This allowed Norden to stage events raising awareness and drumming up support to get the Norden bombsight adopted into bomber programs. There was even a child’s toy that allowed kids to drop bombs on Japanese warships (which was brought back in the 1970s to drop rescue supplies to various sites in the forest). Maybe the powers that be thought that the Norden bombsight was more advanced than what the Japanese were using, but it was probably removed, because they were not intending to target a specific factory, so the weight could be used for more fuel.

      Not that the Norden bombsight was bad, just that it was not as technically advanced as its Sperry competitor. The only serious flaw of the Norden bombsight was the positioning of two knobs on the same side, so the bombardier could not use both hands to adjust both knobs at the same time.

    • @Richard Bell The Norden was considered a wartime secret. Those 16 bombers were sacrificed. Even the TBD Devastators had floatation bags removed so they sank and the Norden

    • sights would not be recovered. Sorry for the break.

  12. I like that from what I’ve seen, people are actually sort of pleased with Hornet coming to the game. I’m happy, always wanted this ship.

  13. Historical accuracy would have only one flight of B-25s available and Hornet cannot launch any other types until the B-25s are used.

  14. It was actually the brainchild of Captain Francis Low, an ASW specialist on Admiral Ernest King’s staff. Doolittle was just the AAF guy who was crazy enough to take charge of training and leading the mission.
    Also, you’re being uncharacteristically modest, you called this back when Hornet was first announced 😂

    • Not just crazy enough, he was probably one of only maybe 3 people that had the right combination of aviator skill and aeronautical knowledge to make it physically possible.

  15. The B25s are carrying the langley bombs, from T4. It should be carpet bombing like the british bombers,dive bombing is not an option for the b25s.The torps are the one on ranger’s torpedo bombers, with 5 torps each attack run.There are 10 planes in a squadron so……only 2 runs avaliable per squadron. Hornet need to choose the target wisely, especially for the tatical squadrons, b25 are fragile against T9&T10 AA, losing one B25 means losing 1/6 of it’s maximum damage.

  16. As much as I love the idea behind the Hornet, it’s gonna have to be a hard pass. T6 US planes don’t have a prayer vs T8 or higher AA. Especially dive bombers, due to the very nature of how they work. It’s pretty much a Ranger being uptiered 100% of the time instead of the 75% it feels like now. It doesn’t matter how good the paper damage on the torp bombers are if they barely make it to target. This is with a 13 pt captain that is specced for plane health, reduced continuous AA and less flak damage. The B-25sa cant be the only source of real damage. As amusing as it would be to waste 2 minutes and then delete a BB with a B-25 consumeable, I don’t think that makes for fun gameplay for either side.

  17. Knowing Wargamings aproach to designs that barely made it out of the morning glory stage, having B-25s taking part in tactical battles will soon be considered the good days.
    I for one can’t wait for the inevitable Graf Zeppelin launching V2s all over the place.

  18. Catapults were already a thing during ww2. F.e. hydroplanes were lauched from catapults from cruisers or other ships. When it comes to carriers, U.S. carriers had catapults installed but they weren’t using them since planes could take off without them, and it was much faster to launch planes on their own rather than from catapults.

  19. The B-25s that flew off of Hornet were B-models and didn’t have tail guns. Very early A-models had tail guns, but those were removed in the B-model and replaced with a dorsal turret that was situated aft. The B-25 didn’t get it’s tail gunner back until the H-model when the dorsal turret was moved forward.

    The only depiction of the events of the Doolittle raid that used the correct B-25 was the old movie 30 Seconds Over Tokyo.

    The Pearl Harbor movie, at least, it can be forgiven since they actually flew real B-25s off the deck for that scene and there are no flying B-25Bs, but the Midway movie, that entire scene was CGI and they STILL used the wrong B-25…

    I wonder if Wargaming will get it right.

  20. Well balanced ships probably means that they dont pitch and roll much in high seas

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