World of Warships – Hosho – UNLIMITED TORPS!

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Good lord, 2 torps per against ships with minimal AA…THIS IS GLORIOUS


  1. Oh boy time to buy both Houshou and Langley

    Edit: I just realise that WG might nerf this oh well back to playing Cruisers on tier 6

  2. 20 games, 20 wins. Hosho is broken in a competent player’s hands.
    Sounds familiar? RTS carriers?

    • @Yinghua Cao That’s exactly how it used to be. You had a competent RTS carrier player vs. a newbie. What happened was that you deplaned him early on and just farmed everything in sight the entire game.

    • @Ydoum’s Gaming Den or you snipe the enemy CV, and then farm…

    • Ydoum’s Gaming Den True. At least now you as a new CV player aren’t completely helplrss against the other CV… almost quite the opposite really. *But*, such game mechanics are arguably a detriment for high tier gameplay with not much options for counter-play between CVs, unlike RTS CVs, where at least CVs had to be wary of *each other*.

    • @TheAmazingCowpig my testing done in 20 games in the post-rework Hosho shows that they are just as helpless (not bragging, but crying for help: 100% winrate, 100% survival rate, 90k avg. damage) They are not helpless in the sense that they are at risk of getting de-planed, but your positioning on the map and DPM that you can dish out compared to new players is much, much higher. By the time you solo a BB, they will maybe have done a single strike on an allied ship, two tops.

    • Ydoum’s Gaming Den Right, and not getting de-planed is, in WG’s eyes, a success. CV’s are now accessible.

      It does nothing to solve any other problems though. Like the fact that t4 CV is still ludicrous club mode.

  3. what better way to shoo away new players than to have them get nuked repeatedly at T4
    this is great for the lifeblood of WoWs WG… (not)

    • But it keeps the big bad planes away from the high tiers where WG’s big money spenders live (at least according to someone at WG, I’m sure)

  4. The 0.8.0 Hakuryu experience, now at tier 4.

  5. My game stopped working before Hoshou was buffed. ;-;

  6. Sooooo balanced, in a tier that there are NO AA whatsoever u have a ship that spams torps left and right!

  7. Thanks iChase, I’m gonna go form a division with Nikolai, Hosho, and Yubari and go have some fun at low tiers

  8. Take a drink every time he makes a sarcastic affirmative noise and you’ll be dead of alchohol poisoning before the videos over…

  9. See, Cv’s are fine, Smolensk is fine, WoWs is fine, wargaming is fine. Its iChasegaming thats broken.

  10. so sad the hermes is terrible 🙁

  11. Glad to see you bringing attention to this. The current Hosho is by far the most broken ship I have ever played in WOWS, and I have Belfast, Kutuzov, Giulio Cesare, Sinop, Kremlin, etc.

    BTW, I posted about this on reddit and Sub Octavian said this will NOT be addressed next patch, apparently they feel that they need more time to analyze the situation.

  12. They did this so we want to regrind CVs i think
    Not enugh players doing research bureau 🙂

    • Or they want the regrinders to skip T3-T5 with free XP, preferably converted with doubloons. But maybe I am giving WG too much credit and they are just clueless…

  13. Uhh
    Yuro made a torpbeat with Enty and now she’s removed.
    Guess now it’s Houshou’s time?

  14. For realism give a 1.0 Sigma to the Torps dropped from Airplanes and a 50% chance of malfunction.

  15. Spreadsheet says everyone on the enemy team had fun and that it was perfectly balanced.

  16. Reason: None. But since you asked, they need new CV players, they need existing CV players to come back to the game.

  17. Pissing off 20 players to enable fun for 4 players per fight is a bad business model.

  18. I was in a battle two days ago that had 6 Hosho class carriers – three per team. We also had 6 destroyers per side. Bad time to be in South Carolina for me.

  19. Community: Looks at this in absolute horror.
    WG: “Are you not entertained?!”

  20. Can you do a ship review of the IJN Hiyo a medium japanese carrier that used to be an ocean liner

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