World of Warships! HOT ARTILLERY ACTION! | Sl1pg8r

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  1. everyone in the comments

    literally first

  2. Pure amazing!!!

  3. Ultra vlogger 123456

    You the man

  4. Hey sl1p! Loving the new vids. Keep up the good work!

  5. Sl1p ur the best 🙂 continue all this hard and good incredible work 🙂

  6. I forgot how much fun this game was, really need to get back into it!

  7. This game is so detailed. Truly amazing! Does anyone remember the pee wee herman movie when the rich kid Francis had a pool with a bunch of boats in it? Lmao!

  8. Do a start to finish gameplay

  9. Play 7 days to die again slip

  10. Hi Sl1p, you’re playing my favorite game. Let me help you a little with aim points. First go to binocular targeting and scroll back 1 click. Doing that will keep all boats in the field of view. At distance, tier 2 – 6, leads for standard BBs at full speed is 4.5 – 6.5 clicks on your binocular targeting. Cruisers and CV aim points are 8 – 12 clicks of lead. DD aim points are 12 – 18 clicks. All these aim points are for side on ships. If the ship is angling away elevate your aim point above their bow. If they are angling towards you aim below the waterline. In both these cases keep the lead distance and adjust fire as needed. Bow on attacks you already figured out the aim points. If they are angling, put the first marker to the opposite side on their bow. If they are bow on and turning increase the clicks of the aim point depending on how much they are turning up to the point that they are side on, in which case your targeting should be at the aim points stated for side on targeting for each type of ship. If you are not sure, fire one gun set and adjust fire for the salvo. Higher tiers go faster so bigger distances make for bigger leads. Hope that helps.

  11. Oh.. hehe My 10 year old son asks that you play more World of Tanks. That’s his favorite game. We both really enjoy your videos. Especially ARK.

  12. just an fyi, shoot he at destroyers and carriers, shoot ap shells at the heavies like cruisers and battleships to get through their armor….

  13. Slip in the words of my old CO of my ship, “you’re just crushin’ it!”

  14. this game is awesome, glad your playing it again!

  15. Yes I love this game I’m into amphibious warfare and air warfare

  16. Lol two spotted peeps…. you can see them on the mini map….. (mini map covered by Sl1ps logo S) me:roflol

  17. The USS Arizona was a Pennsylvania-class battleship that was sunk during the Attack on Pearl Harbour, it had its magazine detonated by an armour-piercing bomb and the wreck lies there as a memorial, a few hundred metres in front of the anchored battleship USS Missouri.

  18. This game looks so AWESOME!!!

  19. Ap on broadside…….

  20. Try to cause fire

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