World of Warships- Hot Fixes Inbound For Torpedo Bug & Others

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Hey guys, today we have some good news from the DevBlog, it seems that there are several hot fixes inbound for several major bugs that were caused by update 10.8


Ross Rowley:

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  1. what makes me far more Problems that same BB guns are shooting always to short consistant aim for the Waterline always result in all shells get in the water to hit at citadel level i need to aim for the uper belt… what is anoying (Hyuga is an extrem (but not the only ship) compare with the slow Shells and the enemy turning its not aiming just luck to hit over long distance, but even on shorter range the shells always fall in the water)

  2. There really is no excuse for all the bugs related to aiming in this game right now. Regardless if it’s torpedos or guns firing waterline shells the hud is nothing more than a fucking pretend feature. Given that actually aiming is 30-40% og the gameplay here that is just outright stupid. It’s like if CS:GO suddenly made all rifles fire in a random pattern rather than have somewhat predictable recoil. The only difference being that such a big bug there would effectively kill the game, but with this jank people still keep playing the game.

    • I suspect that WG marketing have so mess up the code with marketing needs no one knows how maintain the software code any more, But great graphics.

  3. ohno torpedos are bugged and dont hit their target oh what a shame wink wink

  4. ” even though it was technically fixed within a week, it had to go through all regular quality assurance processes.”
    thats the answer mate : WG Regular Quality Assurances

  5. “Compensation for the issue” is probably like 10 of the god damn detonation flags everyone has like 600 of already instead of somethign desireable like Dubs or a Supercontainer or even just economic signals.

  6. I picked the wrong time to grind for Shimakaze.

  7. last took 3 patches, now they can hotfix it, even if its code that needs to be fixed. so much for their word again.

  8. tbh, having bent torps means I can probably hit my targets more reliably

  9. The Missouri issue doesn’t seem to be isolated to just that ship. No idea what might be causing it. It happens on my Alabama occasionally, usually for 2-5 salvos in a match followed by maybe a month or two of not seeing the issue

  10. As for the torpedo bug: It is true of course that it is bad, but honestly, I feel like my BBs are shooting different each patch – sometimes aiming at the waterline is ok, a patch later you have to aim high to hit anything, and if the ship is in front of an island that has been the case for a long time anyway. , Also, somehow the killing shot is almost always a citadel. So, while some of these are not bugs, I think the issues here run way deeper than is admitted, and the seemingly unrelated bugs we see are the occasional manifestation of a failing software design and development process that is no longer able to accommodate the complexity of the system it implements. I would not be surprised if WoT had the same problems in some way, because much of the code-base is most likely shared. Unfortunately this means that nothing will change, because fixing an issue of this magnitude is very expensive, has a high risk of failure and cannot be done on the fly. Plastering it over is “safer” probably…

  11. that’s wired… I never have problem with first bug but more problem in second bug.

    I guessed because I main shimakaze with legendary module so I never try to torp when turning since torpedo tube can’t keep up… do first bug never effect me…

  12. That Cruiser is smelling the Yami’s butt like a good doggo for half an hour xD

  13. As a dev, I can tell you exactly how that bug got through. It is just like every bug that would have been caught by the most superficial of QA: no QA.

  14. While I am a huge critic and absolutely ready to dump on weegee, credit where its due their actions did improve. Instead of “live with it for months”, it’s “were going to try a hotfix”. I still disagree that the not turning bug was worse, are most of your tops launched while spotted? When stealth torping sailing straight for a few seconds shouldn’t be an issue and 80% of my torping was from stealth when I played

  15. That turret bug is NOT only related to Missouri, it appears on other ships too, especially when shooting targets near maximum range.

  16. As frustrating as it is that these bugs keep some how escaping the QA process (Oh wait, LWM has left, pretty sure she WAS the QA process…), but this kind of response is more what I want to see: the previous torp bug was met with a “Whatever, we’ll fix it when we can be a$$ed so STFU.”
    Whereas this is more the response I want to see; giving a road-map and why the fix might not be implemented, and with the Missouri bug, admitting that it’s inconsistent so may take a while to nail down is fine, it’s ok to admit a bug has caused head-scratching.
    Do more of this and KEEP doing it and the community won’t be quite so furious.

  17. I think it was 2 days ago I was waiting to fire my torps on a CA that was hiding behind a island when a DD came out of the other side of said island. I used free look to look at him when the CA started to move so I fired while still in free look and my torps came out of the free look side not the aiming side.

  18. I have had an issue several times where I will loose everything on the screen as far as controls go. Aiming reticle, Consumable icons, mini map. everything except the actual ship and battle is gone. The game goes on but you are just guessing your aim a controls.

  19. I would rather have the turning bug. The problem with the cursor bug is I have to retrain myself to pay attention to the cursor position instead of just paying attention to the white line. Also, its not as simple as placing the cursor on the same plane as the target ship. You have to place your cursor at max range of the torps. Anything short of that can cause issues depending on the ship and the position of the launchers on the ship in relation to the cursor and camera angles. The bug is more or less pronounced based on where in your torpedo arc you are launching, ie, the bug is greater near the extreme ends of the launcher arcs.

  20. lol gives an example of a very fast dd that pretty much never suffered from torp bugs because of the short range(khaba)

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